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If you have ever purchased a brand new mobile and then had issues with it, you will likely appreciate the importance of this subject. If your acquisition was a device from a manufacturer with local support available here, in all probability, you got the issue dealt with the easy way. If your device, however, had no local support, you were on your own for the most part. I regularly re-iterate the importance of purchasing devices that you can get local support for.

The benefits are easy to see. For one, factory faults are easily rectified, either by way of free repairs or replacement. Even where there is a breach of warranty and you as a consumer are required to pay for any repairs, authorised service centres are your best bet for putting your faulty mobile device back in shape.

Imported Used Devices?
Note that imported used devices carry no warranty whatsoever. When you buy these, you are totally on your own. The cost of repairs for any defects or faults will be footed by you.

Imported Brand New Devices?
Some imported brand new devices may not qualify for warranty too. Many times, warranty is country-specific. As such, if you import a device from Dubai, and its warranty is country-specific, you cannot claim warranty for it here in Nigeria. To a large extent, you are on your own should it develop any faults.

The Brands With Local Support
Here is a list of mobile brands that have authorised support centres in Nigeria to cover warranty and repairs. The list is not necesarily exhaustive. If you know of any others that are not listed here, please add them using the comments box, and I will update this list with your information.

  • Nokia
  • BlackBerry
  • Sony (formerly SonyEricsson)
  • Samsung
  • Pliris
  • Vantium
  • Encipher
  • LG
  • Tecno

If you purchase devices from manufacturers that provide no local support, to a large extent, you are on your own should your device develop a fault. In some cases, you may still get some support, but that would probably mean sending the device outside the country for that. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Just be informed, so that you know what you are signing up for with each purchase.


  1. My tecno p3 developed a camera problem less than a month after purchase. The back and front camera option disappeared, leaving only the front camera functioning. Please can this be repaired or does it require flashing?

    I need your help!

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  3. Might I suggest adding links and possibly addresses of these support offices in major cities. Finding their offices can be quite a task

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