• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Mobile data control app Triangle released in the Philippines

Google has released an app that aims to control mobile data usage per application. This app is known as Triangle, and right now it is only available in the Philippines. Apparently, the app is targeted at prepaid subscribers in the country, who can usually only purchase a certain amount of data. the mobile carriers offer unlimited data, but these offerings are often throttled when the user exceeds a daily threshold. Therefore, users would likely benefit from controlling the background data usage of their apps.

To set up the service, users are required to submit their phone number to Google. After the user’s number is verified, they get a reward of free mobile data. Once the setup process is complete, the user is greeted with a screen detailing how much data has been used and what rewards have been earned. Triangle also provides a breakdown of which applications use data as well as those that do not. In addition, Google has added a feature in the app that allows the user to track how much data can still be made use of by the user.triangle

Triangle also has a separate tab dedicated to tracking and claiming rewarded data. In this tab, users will see he amount of rewarded data they were able to earn in the day and what apps they should install to claim more rewards. Also, Google is offering additional data rewards for using Google, either on the Google app or on Google Chrome.

At the moment, Triangle is only available in the Philippines. However, it can be sideloaded into any Android device. However, some of the application’s key features, like the data rewards, cannot be accessed from anywhere outside the Philippines. For those hoping the app will be released officially in their countries, Google has not provided a clear answer to if and when the app will be available in other countries.


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2 thoughts on “Mobile data control app Triangle released in the Philippines”
  1. It’s good to have such app on Android phones, but how come that Google only allowed that in Philippines alone? If this app could be available in Nigeria, many Android users will benefit from it.

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