When you dial a number and your call is not picked, resist the urge to leave more than two missed calls at a time on

Mobile Ethics: When Your Call Is Not Picked

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When you dial a number and your call is not picked, resist the urge to leave more than two missed calls at a time on anyone’s phone. Instead of dialling repeatedly, follow up with an SMS.

In An Emergency Situation

Even in a life and death or emergency situation, an SMS can do wonders, so send that SMS and then you can dial one more time after a few minutes.


  1. I can think of some situations where this advice would fall flat, like the promise of uninterrupted electricity supply for all by December 2013. 2013:


    The person in question is notorious for dumping the phone in obscure places (like in an oversized handbag, among all sorts of Atikus (Wifey, and ladies, generally… am looking at yous)

    The person being called is an artful dodger whose stubborn. will has to be destroyed, by being called a minimum of hundred times in one hour. The automatic redial is wonderful for such pipu. You are in luck, if the shifty character knows nada about call blacklists (or, the ‘silent mode’, on phones)

    The situation is urgent, and you want to convey the urgency by leaving like thirty missed calls. The more the number, the more effectively that urgency is conveyed. The more anxious he will be when he sees the numerous missed calls. He will call you expeditiously.


    Etiquette on phone? I think it’s like saying you should not shout when speaking on the phone. Apparently, if your blood temperature is high enough, all etiquette goes into the dustbin.

    Similarly, if you are desperate enough, you would keep calling this folk, repeatedly, until your call is picked up, your battery (or his) kicks the bucket, or you get tired of holding up the phone to your numbskull!

  2. My thoughts exactly, i find it annoying that some people would keep calling you over and over again. I was taught the 2 missed calls rule, after the 2nd missed call either leave a message or calll back much later as the person might be in a situation where he or she would not be able to take your calls and your repeatedly calls might be a distraction for that person.

  3. For me, if it is personal, not important and not urgent I call only ONCE. If it is business, important or urgent that is when I call twice and after that an SMS. Also try to educate people I interact with that if I see three missed call from you heaven must be falling.

  4. Call me repeatedly more than thrice and I’ll make sure I missed your call. I’ll just go back to what I was doing.

    Don’t even call me more than twice a day just because you missed me and want to hear my voice. If you can’t control it, dump your poems on whatsapp. Bbm. Facebook. Badoo. Viber. Tango. Twitter. Skype. Google+.
    Dunno. I kinda hate calls when it’s just pleasure.
    Forgive me.

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