When packing for a trip back in the day, the list of items included the usual suspects – toothbrush, towel, shoes, shirts, etc, etc. However,

Mobile gadgets: packing for a trip to Calabar

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When packing for a trip back in the day, the list of items included the usual suspects – toothbrush, towel, shoes, shirts, etc, etc. However, things have changed a bit. Traveling today requires that one put some thought into what mobile devices to carry along. Mileage will certainly vary depending on your lifestyle and what the trip is about. I am heading out to Calabar to cover the launch of iDEA Hub at Tinapa in Calabar, Cross Rivers state, so I sat down to draw up a list of what I would need. Here is my list:

1. Nokia Asha 501 – my primary mobile. Handles my voice calls and SMS, as well as occasional social networking, email and web browsing. It is pocketable, handy, and has solid battery performance.
2. TECNO Phantom A – this is my mobile workhorse, and is mostly used for managing MOBILITY, email and social networking.
3. Huawei MiFi – you know what that does.
4. Acer Aspire One netbook. This is my real office when I am not on the move. Will I use it much? I dunno.
5. Nokia Lumia 920 – this serves as the official MOBILITY camera and is used for still photos and video recording at events we cover.
6. TECNO Power Bank – serves as backupo power source should any of my mobiles run out of juice at an awkward location. Plus, it is a handy torch light for night scenarios.
7. USB Flash drive – you just never know when and how this may come in handy.

There you go – 7 gadgets in my mobile toolkit for this trip. With the above motley crowd, I will be bringing you live tweets, news reports and photographs from the iDEA Hub launch event and hackathon. The iDEA hub Lagos centre was launched back in April.

I am not sure whether or not I will be able to bring you any pictures of Calabar city, though I hope I get the chance, especially during the evening when I should have some free time. Let’s hope I don’t get lost getting adventurous. Anyone here based in Calabar?


  1. Beware of delicious Calabar babes freshly released out of the fattening room. You may not be able to resist.

  2. While eating. EDOKANG IKONG in Calabar (both raw and cooked), pls don’t forget us in Lagos o.

  3. Hey, eye_bee_kay, don’t spoil my appetite for my favourite Calabar soups. It is EDIKANG Ikong, not EDOKANG!

    Other Efik (Calabar) cuisines I enjoy, as a Yoruba man, are Afang soup, Afia Efere and Ekpang Nkukwo. Oh lalala…

    Mr. Mo, safe journey and Bon Appetit o.

  4. Use google maps to navigate. I used it from lokoja to jos to bauchi and even potiskum and it was handy. I had never gone to these places before.

  5. God forbid that I use google maps in Nigeria, before it leads me to one way roads, dead ends, rivers, oceans and even jungles sef.

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