Online gambling has entered a new phase of operation – the mobile age. Gambling apps have steadily grown into a standard for the industry. No

Is mobile gambling making it harder for gambling addicts?

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Online gambling has entered a new phase of operation – the mobile age. Gambling apps have steadily grown into a standard for the industry. No longer do we have to use dedicated software downloaded from an online casino. All we need is a smartphone and the games can begin.

At first, mobile gambling was booming – players could download their favorite app from the respective casino site and play to their hearts content. However, Google and Apple have both cracked down on apps that allow real money gambling on their virtual stores. This put a dent on the mobile gambling business, but not for too long. More and more players have been entering the scene thanks to HTML5 – the new and improved programming language that allows gambling game developers to create titles which are available across all platforms.

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While there is still a ban enforced on real money gambling on the App Store and Play Store, players can still get these kinds of apps from the casino, poker or betting website. This in turn has increased the earnings for gambling establishments by a large margin, and they are only expected to grow in 2016.

Mobile Gambling Addiction

However, there’s always the topic of gambling addiction being present and for good measure. People are way more likely to interact with gambling apps and spend money on the move, some studies suggest. In reality however, the situation may be different.

For starters, while many real money gambling apps are indeed being played, the ones played for fun vastly outnumber them. Players from all over the world and across all age groups are downloading casino and poker based apps that allow for free play and tons of fun. While there is a percentage that would like to try out the “real deal”, the vast majority just play them for fun.

Another big factor that contributes to the lower perception of mobile gambling addiction is money. Not the “play for real money” part, but rather transferring money. You see, online you get to use your credit card and other banking options. When you game on mobile, it can be a bit difficult. This is due to the fact that the general public still considers mobile as “unsafe” for transferring money. Rampant viruses and other malicious programs that are causing data outages and other events are also part of this trend. This is sure to improve over time, but not quickly enough.

Last but not least, mobile gambling is still considered a leisure activity. Sure, there are hard core players out there who bet on mobile but it is a spur of the moment kind of deal. They do it for fun, on the move and if they are bored – which is the exact opposite of the symptoms for gambling addiction.

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  2. Gambling apps may be a challenge, but worse are the betting apps which don’t have restrictions in the way gambling apps do.

    I know people who won’t gamble directly but will place bets. A former work colleague used to bet – and still does – silly money on football matches. He claims when he wins a certain amount, he puts it aside for his “business”. The man clearly has an addiction but is in denial. The amount of money he bets per week and loses never fails to surprise me. One time I calculated how much he lost versus what he won (he won less than he had bet) but he wasn’t having it.

    I was horrified a few months ago when I heard an ad for one of the mobile networks that offered a text betting option on football matches. I wonder how many people have become addicts via this route.

    These things are easy to do on your phone because you don’t have to share it with anyone, leading to more people being fixated with what is often perceived as a simple way to make money.

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