Mobile Giants, MTN, Glo, & Etisalat, Among Others Want NITEL

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In true military fashion, the Federal Government of Nigeria has given a 60-day period in which NITEL, the comatose first national operator, must be sold. Sale number what is this, by the way?

What really interests us here is that three mobile giants, MTN, Glo, and Etisalat, among other companies, have expressed interest in purchasing NITEL, according to the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE).

For obvious reasons, I am against Glo getting this pie. If Glo’s ambition is realised, we are simply back to the days of monopoly – one single National Operator. No. Never again! Nothing personal, Glo, but your application ought to be struck off immediately.

MTN looks good for this, in my opinion, and I have nothing against Etisalat picking up the theoretically juicy licence.


  1. Yomi,
    If i have my ways, i would prefer Etisalat to buy Nitel considering their financial standing and telecom experiences in the main middle eastern city like Dubai and Egypt. If Etisalat should have NITEL it will be an opportunity for them expand their coverage and then quickly upgrade their network to offer what they offered to other cities of the world like the 3.7G they are offering in egypt.

    MTN has had it all since, i mean the coverage,the finance,the time but it still biting us hard with drop calls, unclear calls ,costly interconnectivity rates etc.

    Though Vodafone has indicated its interest b4 now, but judging from the quality of services offered by Etisalat,i mean their first hand introduction EDGE coverage anywhere and plans to follow up with 3G,i think if given these opportunity they will surely use it well.

  2. Seriously, going for Etisalat isn’t a bad Idea but what are they really upto.. with the rate at which they are fastly acquiring both staffs of other networks and their fast growth is unimaginable..

    while in the case of mtn, although they have really been poor but they are actually paying back Nigerians what their government did to them.. so for my own view, let the government keep and manage what they have before they regret it later….

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