Mobile Health: Smartphone-ultrasound scanners are here to stay

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In 2013, the world saw the emergence of the first ultrasound scanner that plugged into a smartphone. The scanner plugs into smartphones and tablets to provide an instant scan image on the device’s screen. The benefits of this are easily seen. Top on the list is more affordable healthcare, especially in areas of the world where standard equipment are non-existent because of cost or are inoperable because of lack of power supply. Even where healthcare facilities exist, the convenience of a mobile ultrasound scanner is that a pregnant woman can easily do a self scan and email the results to her doctor for help. Mother and child can receive help faster.

The technology keeps being improved too. About 13 hours ago, Cardiologist and researcher, Eric Topol, tweeted what he says is the first smartphone-ultrasound anatomical/physical head-to-toe exam:


  1. A good development in the right direction,quality affordable medical tests is key to good patient management especially in developing countries like Nigeria..

  2. I was about to say the same, but the most benefit will be for those in rural locations. And as Austine on FB pointed out, the user would still have to be properly trained to use it. Wonder if there’s a course that can be done online?

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