One has four (4) active “3G” mobile internet connections – one on each network – yet to tweet or read emails is a pain. The

Mobile internet services in Nigeria are not worth paying for

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One has four (4) active “3G” mobile internet connections – one on each network – yet to tweet or read emails is a pain. The most basic webpages take eternity to load. Emails don’t get sent either. Earlier this morning, a business contact asked said to me on Twitter that he had not received my reply to a mail that he sent yesterday. yet, I knew we had responded to that mail. Checking from the device from which the reply was sent, we found the missing email sitting there in the Outbox folder – the piss-poor internet connection has been so terrible that the mail had not been sent yet.

Doing Business Online

Before then, I had needed to make some enquiries online about a service that I required. The service provider was US-based and had a live chat feature, so I launched that and proceeded to chat. My responses took so long getting to the operator at the other end that he kept asking if I was still with him. Often, I had to click the “Send” button up to 40 times to get a chat message to go through. Switching between the four connections that I had made no difference.

Four lying thieving networks scamming the Nigerian people of hard-earned money every day.

I had tweeted a complaint about these services when a Tweeter contact responded that she knew a friend who maintained five parallel internet subscriptions. In jest, I had basically said, “Never”. My response and hers:

Here I am with four (4) – just one short of the five that she taunted me with. Yet, with the four, I am still unable to get most of my work done. Forget about uploading and doing other heavy stuff. tweeting and chatting is such a pain.

Not Worth Paying For

The last time that I did any free browsing on GSM networks was donkey years ago right after the introduction of GPRS. It was easy pie. But I walked away from it shortly after networks began billing for those services.Many subscribers have attempted to use Mobility as a platform to push and discuss free browsing hacks, but I have refused to allow it. My position has been to encourage users to pay for what they use. It wasn’t because I did not know that people were deeply pained at having to waste money – duplicating costs and still not getting good service. I was optimistic that given a little time, the networks would sort themselves out. It looks like I was wrong.

Perhaps it is time for me to change my position and encourage people to look for free hacks. One thing is for sure: I am convinced that these excuses for internet connections that our GSM providers are selling to us are not worth paying for.

To be continued.


  1. It’s been a real pain. I can’t count how many times I have to switch on and switch of my mobile network just to re-establish internet connection on my BB. The only constant thing about these internet services is a flunctuating network.

    However, the quality of these services is also location-based. Where I stay, glo is awesome, MTN is crap.

    But on a second thought, Mr. Mo., don’t you think some factors, most especially, power, are responsible for the poor quality of internet services.

  2. Mr No, its such a huge pain, that, today I had to registered another mtn sim for Data alone,why I am sending this post via an airtel data gateway,the fluctuations from G to E to 3G to H is embarrassing. meanwhile my global data, just shuts down on its own, no warning, no apology. Yet we have an NCC, so heavily compromised, they are like the 6th simcard for another frustrating data experience. What a Shame!

  3. Mr MO abeg can you include an edit option to this platform. I wanted to say Mo, i ended with No

  4. Mr Mo, really sad what has happened but I think it is certainly based on your location. This is as a result of inability of operators to expand aggressively on 3G cell sites. Companies like MTN and GLO and Airtel started their services long ago thus should have no excuse especially for the fact that you are based in Lagos
    However, I still believe that the situation is much better than it was before advent of GSM as you do not need to travel to Cyber cafes any longer. The biggest culprit here is NCC as their quarterly report shows that these operators are doing well on network statistics. NCC need to up their game

  5. On my location MTN is stable,how am i going to pay 5-8k for 3-5gb,.
    thank God for alternative means,..
    mr mo, are showing mercy(paying 4 what you use)to them when they don’t show mercy,.
    As low as 1k i browse/download unlimited for 5 weeks,..
    BLESSED are them that have/shows mercy for they shall…………
    why will they be selling what they don;t have?

  6. in my location glo 3g is the fastest, reliable I have no reason to switch to other networks for now

  7. Where I live, glo is really fast (Nigerian standards), MTN is a big joke.

    Nigerian Internet is generally slow, networks are running below EDGE speeds over 3G connection.

  8. In my area,Alagbado,etisalat is the bum.Network is so fast that I forget other 3 modems.when I go to work in Kano,I give it up for Glo.Only God knows why this is so in Nigeria.

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