We have been tracking mobile internet trends for Nigeria for years. It is something that I am personally passionate about. Well, today I present some

Mobile internet traffic trends for Nigeria

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We have been tracking mobile internet trends for Nigeria for years. It is something that I am personally passionate about. Well, today I present some snippets of information from the guys at Opera and Royal Pingdom to help buttress much of what we have observed and stood by here at Mobility Nigeria.

e63 omini2According to the results of a survey conducted by Opera (from the Opera State of the Mobile Web report), 90 percent (%) of Nigerian internet users between the ages of 18-27 said they use their mobile phones more than desktop or laptop computers to access the Internet. Nothing new to us there.

The guys at Royal Pingdom (using statistics from StatCounter) say that over 25% of internet traffic from Nigeria is mobile. That’s not far off from what we estimated here too. For example, our own State of the Mobile Web reports for the last five (5) months show that mobile traffic to this site has hovered between 21% and 30%.

According to Royal Pingdom’s findings, “in every single one [country] where mobile web usage makes up an unusually high share, Nokia’s Symbian OS completely dominates.” We already knew that too. Just check out our State of the Mobile web reports again. Also, smartphones sporting Android, iOS or RIM’s Blackberry are reported to have tiny market shares in these countries. We had that as a fact too.

So far, so good. All indices from international statistics tally roughly with what we have here. 25% is not bad. Actually, it is very significant and is likely to grow more than that over time given the prevailing conditions here.

Now, where are those guys who dismissed it all and asked in disbelief how many Nigerians browse on their handsets? The joke is on them. Hopefully, we can all wake up to the challenges and opportunities of these screaming facts. A lot of people are still conservative about mobile web adoption across the country, but here is the fact – it is catching on faster than many of us think. Whether browsing via Opera Mini on a lowly phone or on a Nokia N8 or an Encipher Tablet, Nigerians are here to stay on the mobile web radar.

I said that years back. I stand by it now. Quote me.


  1. The Statistics are overwhelming. 25 % is a huge number! Which means they are factor one needs to contend with because overlooking could be inimical.

    THe market appears ripe and there are so much possibilities for the mobile worldwide web because the market is still growing!

    I hope we all can avail ourselves with the opportunity that should present with these numbers to key into the mobile.

  2. ok I quote you.Well done, good job.actually these chinese fones wanted to slow us down,but now we know better

  3. The reports are impressive.
    Mobile phones are the easiet and most convenient way to access the web anytime anywhere.

  4. Mobile internet access will definitely keep rising. It’s so handy and can be used anywhere. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ll be browsing and forget to check the stove, take my bath, etc. Most nights on my bed, I stay awake longer than I intend to because I’m reading an interesting article on Wikipedia, mobilityNigeria, gsmarena on my phone.

    If I was married, my wife would have smashed my smartphones long ago. lol

  5. Spacy, can you imagine your wife getting addicted to her touchscreen? burning your weekend meal you were longing to have?
    Whahala go dey

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