Mobile is the new book

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Growing up, I almost always had a book in my hand. I was constantly reading and writing.

All grown up now, I am still constantly reading and writing – but this time, on a mobile in my hand almost all the time.


The older generation don’t get this. An older couple in the family keep complaining about how I am always on my smartphone. Yet, when I visit, they are always reading a newspaper. They don’t get it. To them, a smartphone is a play thing. Yet, I access far more info from my smartphone in one day than they do from reading newspapers all week.

Someone reading a newspaper appears more serious to them than someone scrolling through a smartphone. The problem is a generational gap. The problem is in the mind.

I had a talk about this with my kids today. One is 13. The other 11. I told them that I do not have a problem with them being on their smartphone as long as they are not spending most of their time on games, music, videos and chats. I shared with them how their phones can aid with school work and with learning a wide range of things (of course, with children, supervision is important). I demonstrated it to them this morning when assisting Girl Mo with a school project.

But it must be said that mobile is the single greatest educational and informative resource that ANYONE can have access to today.

It is a new world, and mobile is the new book.


  1. But it must be said that mobile is the single greatest educational and informative resource that ANYONE can have access to today


    I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive without one.

  2. Indeed I sometimes wonders what it would be like now staying without access to my mobile for an extended period of time,so much of what we do revolves around it..

  3. As much as mobile would aid lil Mo’s in educational feats and all, don’t underestimate the importance of supervision.

    Its really easy to get distracted or caught up in other stuff while playing with your gadgets.

  4. A smartphone may be a useful information and education tool, but then I’m reminded of a tweet I came across recently “You have a laptop, don’t know how to use MS Word but you watch films and download series”.

    I don’t think many people take advantage of the diversity of resources available to them on their phone. I’m still seeing people’s lazy questions when the time it took to type the question could have been spent Googling the same.

  5. Great observation there.

    We have the most powerful instructional and educative tool on our palms. If Google, Bing, DevilFinder or DuckDuckGo can’t provide an answer to ANY question, in a jiffy, then the answer to that questionis UNknown to humanity.

    This means you can get any question, any, answered in seconds. Awesome.!

  6. Yes, mobile is the thing now. I am always reading books on my 7″ tablet. In fact, I bought the tablet primarily because I want to read ebooks or pdf files anywhere anytime.

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