Using and understanding how phones work has always been my passion. Starting from 2007 (when Dad bought me my first phone), the yearning for the

Mobile misconceptions of typical Nigerians

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Using and understanding how phones work has always been my passion. Starting from 2007 (when Dad bought me my first phone), the yearning for the next shiny stuff and tinkering has always been there without fading an inch.

As a phone guy and mobile enthusiast, people always bring me their phone issues to help them fix. In situations like this, I do my best to help out. Over time from my interactions with people, I’ve realized there are some misconceptions some Nigerians have concerning mobile.

Sometimes its futile trying to convince them otherwise, but lets hope we can use this medium to quell some hasty generalizations.

1.) The bigger the screen, the better the phone

Most people just think, “Hey this phone is big, and hey this other one is smaller, so I guess the bigger one is better”. Sadly, this is not always the case. The bigger phone isn’t always necessarily the better phone. But this is often used to deceive the gullible. Checking of appropriate specs should help tell you which one is actually better.

2.) Tablets are better used as cameras

tablets for Nigeria

This is one that disgusts me so much. Going to weddings or public functions you get to see people bringing out their huge tablets to take pictures (and show off too). To be frank, the camera modules found in tablets are mostly crap, and they don’t always exceed 5MP in most cases. Phones, on the other hand offer you better camera and picture quality. ‘O How I wish my people will hear this!!’ .

3.) Manufacturer names matter for many of us

Nokia logo

Some people, all they ever want is that one brand they’re used to. Maybe they tasted the good old, long battery lasting Nokia phones, and since then, they can’t use any other brand asides Nokia. Its sad most people still don’t know Nokia as a phone making brand is almost non-existent. Trying to convince these kind of people to get a probably better device of another brand is like pouring water on Olumo rock.

4.) Some don’t know phones can work as a mobile hotspot.

I once met a man that does separate subscriptions for his tablets, his laptop, and his phone. You can imagine the joy on his face when I pointed out to him how to share data through hotspot to his other devices.

This post could help: Be Sure before buying your gadgets.

If there are other points you know, feel free to share, remember Ask-a-GEEK sessions with Elroy is there in case you have issues. Have a Blissful week ahead.


  1. Thanks Elroy. The ones I’ve come across which annoy the most are 2, 3, 4. Especially 2. Sometimes it’s trying being a geek when you have to watch people keep buying into these misconceptions.

  2. I can tell you that not everyone does multiple subscriptions because of ignorance. At times, it simply is more convenient to have that, ‘cos if you’re reliant on your phone alone, you’re out of a connection when the battery dies. As we all know, having the mobile hotspot on for extended periods would only kill the battery faster. I know atleast one Telco in Nigeria that has the option of cloning a SIM card, in order to have a single data plan shared across different devices, all sharing one line. This is the ideal solution IMO, but I don’t think other telcos have implemented it yet.
    Another less elegant solution is getting a MiFi, but that just adds one more device you have to remember to charge, and the battery life diminishes drastically over time.

    All the other

  3. I never really understood the rave behind people using their tablets to take pics at events. I find it cumbersome, especially when one has to raise the device like a trophy to get a good view. The funny thing is, those folks would have phones with better pic quality in their pockets. I think there’s a misconception about the iPhone. I’m not sure what it is, but with the price tag and limitations on that device, I don’t think Nigerians should be anywhere near it.

  4. all for buga, smh for Nigerians… but if Na apple don’t think Dere’s great difference in cameras between d phones and the pads

  5. I don’t think Nigerians should be anywhere near it.

    Ral, 100% behind you!
    So many misconceptions about the iPhone. To many (who haven’t even used one before) it’s a superphone.

  6. tell some people u r using a tecno android phone and you get the stupid annoying ‘na chinko’ gist.

  7. Good points.As for no 1,i do prefer large screen of not more than 5 on my mobile for internet browsing.No special brand so far the specs are good.I always check for reviews before buying any phone.Iphone my foot.Nothing special on iphone that makes it so costly.

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