Mobile Phone Festival to hold October in Lagos

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Mobilefest Africa is the first Expo in Western Africa to offer manufacturers and resellers of mobile hardware to showcase their products and services to consumers. It is also an opportunity for other companies in the mobile ecosystem to increase their brand awareness.

The Expo aims to position itself as the No 1 annual Marketplace for Mobile phone devices, trends and innovations in the booming and energized West African Market.

The organisers say that Mobilefest Africa is the ideal way for consumers to be able to view and test some of the best mobile hardware devices available on the market.

Venue – Lagos Airport Hotel – Ikeja, Oramiyan Hall.
Opening Date – October 16th 2008
Closing Date – October 18th 2008

To be sure, the Organisers of MobileFest have this to say:

This is not a conference or a symposium or an exhibition. It is simply a sales and trade event for MOBILES ONLY. It is a non-speech event!!!

And that tickles our fancy a lot. We don’t like the speech-making too much either. But give us a chance to play with devices, explore possibilities first-hand, and demonstrate what those things can do, and we’re game.

If you’re planing to be there, here’s your chance to meet members of the team as well, because we’ll be there doing what we know how to do well – toying with mobile devices.

Visit the MobileFest Africa website for more details, and to register.

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