Do you really want a mobile phone this small?

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It has been said that if Ford had asked consumers what they wanted, they would have replied that they wanted faster horses. Thankfully, he didn’t and we got cars. A group of people are making the world’s smallest mobile phone and I can’t help but ask, Do you really want a mobile phone this small?

Zanco tiny t1

The makers describe it as the smallest fully functional mobile phone in the world. So, how small exactly is the Zanco tiny T1? Its dimensions are 46.7 x 21 x 11 mm. In other words, its height is about one third the height of the average 5.5-inch smartphone. The T1 is so small that it fits into your tiny jeans pocket.

Features Of Zanco tiny T1

It is a 2G model with only voice and text capabilities. You won’t be able to use email or Twitter on this. There is no micro-SD card expansion and it uses a Nano-SIM slot.

The display is a tiny 12.5mm in size and 64 x 32 pixels resolution.

Zanco T1 has an internal storage of 32MB and can store 300 contacts and 50 SMS messages. The battery? A tiny 200mAh unit.

Clearly, this phone isn’t meant to serve as an everyday phone for most people. It is the kind of phone to carry along as a backup on a hiking trip, for example.

The prototype was completed in November 2017 and the manufacturers are ready to start production. Zanco have launched a KickStarter campaign to test the waters. The campaign ends in January and the phone ships in May 2018. You can pledge as low as $47 to get one. That is about N18,000 by the current exchange rate.

Who Wants A Mobile Phone This Small?

mobile phone this small
I am not sure if that is a good deal for Nigerians, considering that you can get a Nokia 3310 2017 for a little above that price and a Freetel ICE 2 for N5,000 less, or a 9mobile Rhino 2 for about N4,000 less.

So, this might be a better bargain for people resident in countries where the exchange rate of their currency to a dollar is not so messed up.

Price aside, if you have big hands and fingers (I am looking at my big hands as I type this), you might want to stay away from this one. However, wherever you may be based, if you are a collector, this is one interesting smartphone model that you should consider adding to your collection.


  1. Hehehehe.

    This is the age of information overload. So, a phone like this is what the doctor ordered when you want some peace from the endless barrage of information. .

    Of course the size is supposed to be the attraction. But I wonder, can’t one merely get a SmartWatch instead? The SmartWatch would be smaller and would do more than this Lilliput of a phone… even at close to this price point for some…

  2. Do you dial it with a pen tip? And does it have Bluetooth because I’d be interested in how you actually make and receive calls on one.

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