This is the age of conversation and the era of sharing. Information and gist travel very fast now, so fast that we need to start

Mobile Phones and Social Media

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This is the age of conversation and the era of sharing. Information and gist travel very fast now, so fast that we need to start looking at how we can gain control and use this speed to our benefit as individuals, as businesses and as individuals.


Sharon Omolayo was a five year old girl when she went missing. I was on the road when I got hold of the news via my Twitter TimeLine (TL) and I retweeted it. I also shared it immediatley via my Facebook account.

It wasn’t too long before I got informed via Twitter that Omolayo was found. This is just one of the numerous uses and benefit of engaging social media via mobile. You can stay in the know at all times, and you can help pass viatl information along real-time.


Cast your mind back to the time you created your Facebook account, and I suspect that you have memories of the challenges that you went through getting started. But you did eventually get the hang of it, and now you are either a pro at it, or you know better.


Also, you would remember how not too long ago updating our Facebook status was an occassional thing. Things are however better now. With GSM networks coming into the internet game and granting access to the internet. via mobile, it is easier for more people to get onto the social media buzz. Status updating is more of a realtime affair now. This was the reason it was easier to get the word on Sharon Omolayo out very fast.


Then, came the Blackberry buzz. This one is so huge and going viral now. In parties, club and events you’ll see young people typing away on their Berries. In some places, not having a Blackberry would induce feelings of inadequacy.

A Look at Twitter

The same way it was a little difficult for some of us to get started with Facebook, it has been difficult for some to get started with Twitter too. There are those who would say Twitter is too complex, some would just open an account and leave it dormant.




In an upcoming series, I will be sharing with you how I got my TwitterRave on, my early challenges and how you can completely navigate through your first challenge with Twitter.

Other reasons for watching out for this series:

  • why you should be on twitter
  • who should be on twitter
  • unique features of twitter
  • How Twitter is not a duplicate of Facebook
  • why many more people are spending more time on twitter
  • essentials of your Avatar and handle
  • And so much more

This series will be very interactive, fun-filled, engaging and exciting. It will help you discover new and effective uses for social media as a private individual, a business owner, corporate organization, celebrity, an interest group, NGO or Clubs, and even as a marketer.


What was your experience like getting on into Facebook, and how have you been using your mobile phone to connect to social media? I will like to hear from you. Have your say using the comment box below.

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  2. I’m seriously looking forward to a lesson on twitter. I connect to twitter via nim buzz and I use it in chatting with only one friend who encouraged me to open the account, I also use the search engine. I don’t understand stuffs like ”follow us on twitter” I know theres’ a lot more to learn.

  3. Well have opened a twitter account bout 3years now or more..i only go there maybe once in 5months..its just too complex and dry for me..’someone is following someone’…everything just looks inferior to facebook..yeah am a facebook addict! I must have updated over a 1000 times in the last the last 3years, maybe have tweeted 5times lol…

  4. I opened my twitter account 14 months ago, made my first tweet, and left it for a year. I resumed using it 2 months ago, and i’m now at ease with it. On average, i tweet every other day. Still, i feel one can only truly enjoy it if one has a blackberry, or at least real-time notifications. That’s a minus for me, because i dont wanna be a slave to my mobile: looking at it everytime it beeps. I also easily get bored with useless tweets from people I follow. Apart from mobilitynigeria, naijatechguide, gsmarena, 234next, cnn, reuters, and a few other tech-savvy chaps.

  5. @kay123, I feel you, I was at that point too, until I took a bold step and just learned it, thanks to It was like learning to drive, learning to move a car isn’t the same as knowing how to drive. Welcome on board, its gonna be a jolly ride.

    In this series, you will learn how twitter is not another facebook, or a duplication of it. its unique features and how some third party applications can help me you get much done when you integrate it with your reach on facebook. welcome on board.


    I don’t have a blackberry and I have never had one. many twitter users have blackberry. I have as much fun and work smarter on twitter with my nokia E71, before I recently upgraded to nokiaN8. Not having a blackberry would never deprive you of enjoying tweeter. and note, twitter is not duplicating facebook, its in a whole new market. If you have a twitter account re-activate. it will be a lot easier when I start the series, you can learn through it and decide the benefit for you. welcom on board.

  6. Twitter is a very interesting and fastest medium of sharing information.But when i first opened my account i never knew what to do with it but i now i know better.I now have followers and many people i follow.

  7. @Abubakar,

    Welcome on board, you will also enjoy the engagement and interaction that will follow this series on Social media and your mobile phone and how it can help you tap into 2011. 2011, will be a year that social media will reach tipping point.

    sharing is a whole lot of fun, and who would not want to work and have fun at the same time? you tell me. share the post with your friends on twitter and let them join the interaction, MobilityNigeria is about to reward its faithful and raving fans.

    It is a box full of surprises.

  8. I registered a twitter account somtimes this year when a friend said he prefered it to facebook, its been kinda dry and i’ve tweeted just once. I’m really lookin forward to Yomi’s piece. *RT @me *

  9. I’ve signed in my twitter account in the socially application On my Nokia 63. The socially app is really good for getting updates from social networks, all you need is to sign in and set intervals to get the updates.

  10. I have been using both FaceBook and Twitter for a while now, but I see FB more as a place of fun (pics, videos, notes, posts, etc )people just drop anything on FB. Really like to look at people pics on FB (friends i miss seeing). FB really helps me to follow up on events, birthdays etc.

    Twitter on the other end to me is a more serious place. I use it to share Tech stuffs that I read about and it is also very useful for me to follow real time events. ie i will be following CES 2011 basically on twitter.

    Feel free to hook up with me @bosun99uk either on Twitter or FB.

  11. Biola129, or as we say on twitter @biola129,

    *RT* *@me* those things scared me away from twitter initially. Now, am going smoothly. If you’ve got a twitter profile welcome, if you don’t but like to join the series and fun, just go’an open one.

    Welcome om board. we are going to crack the nut.

  12. @jesse, its actually *@harbyhorlar*. I must hav mistaken the post was made by Yomi. #patientlywaiting

  13. @all,

    share this post with your friends on facebook, invite them to take a peep at this article. The ride is about to begin.

    We’d be looking at new media developments like:
    *social graphing
    *social media metricks
    *klout score
    *social capital
    *mobile apps that enhances participation in #SM
    *common abbreviations on facebook
    *social capital

    the contents of the series would be developed through shated knowledge. We’d agree on a day for a chat a week through and ne fee to ask real time answer and question interactions.

    This is one series would highten your fun and use for your mobile phone.

    What do you think we should name this series? *still working on that, but have your say*

  14. For those having issues using twitter i understand your plight i felt the way when i first signed up. U should try using a twitter client for tweeting for Symbian devices u should try Gravity, Java phone users should use Snaptu. These apps work great for those using data bundles. If u are not using a data bundle u should try the web based clients like or

  15. @martinkem,

    thanks for those lovely tips. Those who’d like to get on board right away can start nenefiting by followimg what martinkem said.

    The next post in the series is being worked on it is about to be ready. We’d be inviting celebrities who use twitter and are creating impact with it, hopefully the’d oblige. My own personal trainer, who’s a pro im communication the new way has agreed to be here with us.

    Don’t forget to tweet and retweet this post, * don’t worry if you don’t know how. In a month, u’d probably be spending less time on other social , due to the excitement u’d get from twitter.

  16. Facebook is like my home on the internet. With FB i keep in touch with friends&family and even find long lost friends that I haven’t spoken to in years. It’s also a great advert tool for businesses.  Twitter is the new way to promote, connect & brand a company. It’s a great networking and marketing tool. The important thing there is to religiously post at least once a day, perhaps about something you’re doing on a project.

  17. thanks Bimbo for popping in.

    Truth, many spend huge amouth of time on social media sites. Good for promoting idea and engaging audiences with a brand.

    We’ll be looking forward to you sharing with us the numerous ways facebook and twitter has been of use to you as an in an individual and business owner.

    Welcome to MobilityNigeria.

  18. Well, i thought twitter was boring, opened my account and left it dormant for like a year. Felt it was too hard to understand until i came across a twitter client( it made tweeting way easier. I love twitter cos of the way information spreads and d speed it uses in doing that too. In addition, you get to be upclose with your favourite celebrity. That doesn’t change fact that facebook is the best tho!!! Lol. Hi5 to all facebook fans

  19. @Jenuwa,

    Thanks for popping in. You rate facebook as being more fun, right? I guess that is your own sentiment, as some people have virtually abandoned their facebook for twitter all in the name of *its too boring.

    My thought is; the way you engage with any social media of your choice and the reason you are in the social media determines how interesting or boring it’ll eventually be to you.

    The New post in the series is out:

    check it out! drop your comment! share on facebook and tweet and retweet om twitter.

    P.S. if you’d like to connect with my streams of tweets, my tweeter handle is @jesseoguns. You can drop your own twitter handle at the bottom of your comment, so that people who’d like to connect with you can do that, at least we al share something in common, #mobilePhones, #socialmedia, #Smartphones #Applications etc.

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