Since the telecommunication sector was deregulated in 2000 and so far, it has had a ripple effect in almost every facet of the lives of

How Mobile Phones Changed Nigeria

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Since the telecommunication sector was deregulated in 2000 and so far, it has had a ripple effect in almost every facet of the lives of Nigerians. It has also impacted heavily in other sectors of the economy. Jumia Travel shares a few ways in which mobile phones changed Nigeria.

mobile phones changed Nigeria

Improved Communications

As at 2000, Nigeria had no more than a few hundred telephone lines. There was a huge gulf between total population and access to telephones. Mobile phones changed that. Today, 8 out of 10 Nigerians own mobile phones of all kinds. The result has been a dramatic improvement in access to telecommunications. Almost every Nigerian has a mobile phone. Some have and use multiple phones.

Mobile Banking

Mobile phones changed how Nigerians send and receive money. You no longer need to visit the bank anymore to send money. Just fiddling with a few buttons on your phone, you can transfer money to your friends, family and loved ones within seconds.


Mobile phones now help us avoid counterfeit drugs. With the war against counterfeit drugs intensifying in Nigeria, you can now send text messages on your phone to confirm if your drug is fake or not. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the drugs you purchase.


Mobile phones have made it easier for users to access movies and movies without paying. This technology has simplified the distribution of songs and movies. As an artiste, you can upload your songs and videos on YouTube and interested Nigerians can listen and download. Also, there are music and video streaming sites where users can buy your content.


This is one of the most obvious impact mobile phones is having in Nigeria. There are prepaid card sellers all over the place and many Nigerians have been employed by mobile telecommunication companies and associated channels. Also, a new digital economy is blossoming in the country from the increased access to internet services.


Not everyone owns personal computers but with their mobile phones they can access download online textbooks, and access e-libraries, as well as have access to research materials. Hence, you don’t necessarily need to have a PC anymore to educate yourself and embark on research.

Mobile phones changed Nigeria

Indeed, mobile phone changed Nigeria in many ways. The above are just a few mainstream ways in which it has. Do you have other areas that mobile phones have changed how you work and play and live in general? Share with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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