Mobile phones invade journalism too

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Once upon a time, when news reporters interviewed people, you would see an array of dedicated voice recorders and professional microphones thrust towards the interviewee. In the age of mobile, here is the sort of thing that is now being seen:

Mobile phones as voice recorders
Yes; an array of smartphones and feature phones thrust at the interviewee. Ahem…I do hope that those phones have been set to Flight/Offline Mode. Just imagine one of them ringing off in the middle of the interview, especially if the ringtone is one of those razz tunes..

One Device To Rule Them All

Beyond just voice recordings, reporters also now use cameraphones for taking still pictures and videos as well. The mobile phone is a relentless conqueror, taking on anything and everything, and crushing most in its path.

Part of the benefits of this convergence though is that recorded material, whether audio, stills or videos, can be sent immediately to the office for processing or uploaded to a website or social network for immediate consumption if that is what is required. It is all about convenience and ease of sharing and communications.

Image Source: The Punch Online


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