Mobile platforms traffic on Mobility (Q1 2013)

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Mobile devices accounted for 60.8% of traffic to Mobility in the first quarter of 2013. Here is the breakdown of mobile platforms being used to access this site:

1. Android, 13.60%
2. BlackBerry OS, 11.80%
3. SymbianOS, 11.20%
4. Unknown, 11.20% (mostly feature phones)
5. Nokia Series 40, 9.80%
6. iOS, 1.60%
7. Windows Phone, 1.00%
8. Samsung, 0.40%
9. Linux, 0.20%


It is interesting to see the rise of Android OS in the league of connected devices accessing this site. Both BlackBerry and Symbian are not far behind though, despite the turn their fortunes have taken in the global market. The feature phone market (the part labelled “Unknown”) remains strong, as expected, as does Nokia’s Series 40 devices.


iOS has been way down there since Eden. As it is, Windows Phone is also yet to gain much traction among Mobility readers. Also, at 0.40% in comparison to S40’s 9.8%, is it that Samsung’s feature phones are not selling that well, or that their users are generally not going online with them?

The Big Picture

The above statistics are just for one site, Mobility. Yet, perhaps it gives an insight into the mobile usage patterns of the demographics that this site covers. Most of our regulars are from Nigeria (52%). The UK follows with a distant 16.6%. Perhaps, the above stats are a good indicator of the mobile browsing patterns of Nigerians. By the way, Lagos state alone has 35.60% of all traffic to Mobility.

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  1. So does that mean the other 39.2% of traffic is pc/tablet?

    Last year the top four were: Blackberry, Android, iPad and iPhone respectively. Wonder what makes up unknown?

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