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Mobile Base Station

I was reading through the results of a survey conducted to explore the frequency of service issues experienced by smartphone users when utilizing multimedia activities on their smartphones.

The survey conducted online in February 2011 by Harris interactive and commissioned by Empirix, reported that 20 percent of smartphone users in the US have issues often or always when completing internet searches on their smartphone.

Germany shared the same percentage with the US, while the UK recorded 30 percent. Revealing that nearly half of smartphone users blame mobile providers for service issues.

Now, back home. If this survey was conducted in Nigeria, what would be the percentage?

Would smartphone users in the country also point accusing fingers to mobile service providers for service issues like their foreign counterparts?

Are you as a smartphone user receiving good service from your service provider to power your smartphone?


  1. Even when the number portability thing is implemented, we will probably still need to have multiple lines. It is impracticable as well as impractical to rely on a single network (as things stand in Nigeria)

    Even after years of gsm operation, network choice stage is still absent / weak with the providers. All the networks have cyclical performance issues from time to time,

    With the inadequate power and other inauspicious operating conditions, it is a miracle how they manage to continue in business in Nigeria… If not because of the high profit level and large market, some of them wlll have closed shop!

  2. GSM operators in Nigeria are working on increasing the current 15000 base stations used to service over 85million subscribers.

  3. Bosun,

    That’s an average of 1 base station serving approximately 5,700 subscribers. No wonder service quality is next to dead here. Are you sure of those stats?

  4. 5,700 per base station? Why won’t we be having issues? You just will have to be switching sims where the need arises. I use glo, and its because they give me 3g at home and in the office. If I relocate and they can’t replicate this at the new location, I will switch to a better option. Etisalat just secured almost a 100billion to roll out their 3g, good news. But they al need to come up with friendly prices, in this area, glo is best in data.

  5. What works for me here is MTN, thier 3.5G is really rockin in my hood and it is backed up with Etisalat, should in case the need arises. But for some weeks now I have not had the need to use Etisalat at all

  6. I think that if a survey like this is conducted in Nigeria, we might see up to 50 percent of smartphone users blaming their network providers.

    Check out our Blackberry services for instant, how many people are having a good worth of their money?

    There are days my phone shows 3G, 3.5G, and i cant connect to the net.

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