YIEVOIP™ defines itself as a global communications company which owns and operates Nigeria’s largest Live video & Audio Content delivery 24/7 networks, plus LIVE Encoding

Mobile Streaming on YIEVOIP

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YIEVOIP™ defines itself as a global communications company which owns and operates Nigeria’s largest Live video & Audio Content delivery 24/7 networks, plus LIVE Encoding of Nigeria local TV & Radio stations for WAP Mobile phone users, Laptops and PC user or via IPTV worldwide.


The YIEVOIP website has a page with information for mobile users which says:

Mobile Phone users can Now view their favourites Local Tv programs from anywhere around the world with Yievoip Video contents service. also local Radio station audience is now the entire world even in space.

Website Layout
The site has a fixed-width layout, and looks like an amateur job. Being fixed width means that many mobile users will need to side-scroll to read all text on each page, a real pain on those tiny screens. I visited the site on the LG GW550 and had to keep scrolling right and left.

Apart from the homepage, all the other pages have a background image that makes reading on PC difficult, and reading text on mobile even more difficult. That image needs to be removed for sure – or given more transparency.

The site has a number of channels listed, but not all had streams available.

Some of the available streams had the options of streaming with or without ASX. The Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) format is a type of XML metafile designed to store a list of Windows Media files to play during a multimedia presentation.

It is used frequently on streaming video servers where multiple ASF files are to be played in succession. Both RTSP and MMS streaming protocols are supported, as well as HTTP.

ASX files have MIME type video/x-ms-asf (as do ASF files). I am not sure what the benefits and demerits of ASX are, but the options are there.

Streaming on the N900
Of the few that had streams available, I was able to get only one to work on my Nokia N900 – ACBN Live. The channel was a video that requires Flash player.As such, it isn’t really streaming. It is just like watching a YouTube video off a webpage.

It played smoothly on the N900, but you can be sure that any mobile device without Flash support is left hanging.

Streaming on the LG GW550
On the GW550, I wasn’t able to stream any audio or video at all. Some of the channels simply returned Not Found or some other error messages.

The idea of mobile streaming is a good one, but more needs to be done to make the website and service mobile-friendly. For one, the YIEVOIP website needs a professional make-over. Secondly, the streaming channels need to be put in order.

Some of the channels simply return an error that says that a connection to the server cannot be established. Some of the streaming links certainly need checking.

The service is a commendable effort, but it looks like it needs a lot more work.

Try it on your phone
We would appreciate if other regulars try YIEVOIP on their sites too and return feedback in the comments section.
URL – http://www.yievoip.com/channels.aspx


  1. With proper streaming of TV programmes and videos/music in a Nigerian website or base I think we would be coming of age in Nigeria. Especially if it could be as good as Hulu. However, it would be better they do something world standard and not just a half attempt as delineated in this article!

  2. Didn’t work on my 5800 with MTN and etisalat. Didn’t work on my moto q9c with starcomms also.

    I don’t know why I bothered trying. Gave up streaming long time ago. It never worked for me.

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