If you have a trip to make, here are a few tips to ensure that you do not end up stranded in strange territory without

Mobile Tips For Travelling

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If you have a trip to make, here are a few tips to ensure that you do not end up stranded in strange territory without a means of communication.

Set Out With A Fully Charged Phone

Ensure that your primary phone has a full charge on its battery before setting out. That gives you a good start, such that you’re not fretting about a low battery situation early in the trip.

Don’t Forget The Charger

Or chargers. If you’re driving or a passenger in a private car, a car charger, along with your regular mains charger, is a good idea. Take both. That way, you can top up on the road and at your lodgings should your battery run low t any point.

Get A Backup Phone And SIM

By all means, get a backup phone. Something cheap, rugged, and with a robust battery life. Should your primary phone run out of power completely and you are without a power source, a backup phone is a life saver. If possible, get one with a flashlight (so it is handy at night) and FM Radio (so you can keep up with happenings in the environment).

Get a backup SIM too. In a country like Nigeria where you can get to your destination only to find out that your primary provider has very poor coverage there, a backup SIM will come in handy.

How About A Power Bank?

A power bank can be quite useful on the road. Many of them carry enough extra power to keep your phone running for two extra hours if use, or to recharge them outright twice if you don’t use them while plugged in.

To Roam Or Not To Roam?

If you are travelling outside of your country, the question whether to roam or not arises. Note that unless you are a rich business man with little worry about money, you are most likely to regret roaming, as roaming fees and charges can be rather high. It might just be better to obtain a SIM at the destination country for use while there.

Maps And Navigation

A good maps and navigation app can be vital if you need to find your way around while on a trip. Depending on the brand of your choice, if you use a smartphone, you already have either of Nokia Maps/HERE or Google Maps. Use them where necessary.

There, while the above tips are not exhaustive, both hopefully they provide you with essentials to helping you make the best of your trips.

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  1. The most I’ve ever done in my travels was receive texts which was free. As a rule I’ve always bought a local SIM if I am there for more than a week. If possible and you have contacts at the other end, find out the best network for the area/region.

    Thanks to micro USB cables, I can now travel with less cables. At the most I would take a plug adapter and a spare battery. OR, I have recently discovered (but been told they aren’t particularly good for the long term), one of those USB cables that have the different device charger heads – micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia, iPhone etc.

    What you will be doing at the other end really determines what you should be taking with you.

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