MobiLimb robotic finger turns your phone into a startling, moving companion

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Just when you think you have seen it all, something else comes with a twist and gets you all surprised. MobiLimb robotic finger attachment makes it possible for your phone to pull itself across the table, stroke/rub the back of your hand lovingly, or even scribble a note down on a piece of paper.

A French scientist and researcher, Marc Teyssier, working with a team from two universities in France, has created a very unusual accessory for our smartphones. I didn’t see it coming. You probably didn’t see it cming either.

Marc and his team created a robotic limb that jumps right out of science fiction blockbuster. And in one instance, it looks like something out of a horror movie.

MobiLimb robotic finger attachment

Marc’s robotic finger is called MobiLimb! It can serve as a supporting stand for your phone, or notify you whenever you have a message or a call by wagging its finger like a tail. And should your girlfriend or boyfriend send you a warm, comfy emoji in the middle of a chat session, MobiLimb will gently stroke your hand.

It can also serves as an extra grip to hold your phone, or as a joystick.

The MobiLimb robotic finger can be attached to most mobile devices. Just plug it in your phone’s USB port.

mobilimb robotic finger attachment base

How Does MobiLink Work?

The robotic finger attachment is equipped with a series of sensors, actuators, and motors, all working together so it can feel touch, texture and pressure, as well as execute a full range of motion.

The base of the attachment has a standard USB that plugs into the USB port of your phone.

MobiLimb robotic finger

MobiLimb Robotic Finger Demonstration Video

Here is a demonstration video of MobiLimb. You will find some parts of it creepy!

MobiLimb is all plastic, but it can be dressed up in custom skins. Marc created two – one with fur and the other with human-like skin that makes it look like a real human finger.

As creepy and unusual as this accessory looks in the video, it really acted out its purpose. I would like to have this robotic limb attached to my phone. I like the concept, except for that part where it massages the hand. That looks so creepy. No!

But you may have a different view. How you feel about having an artificial finger attached to your phone?

More information about Marc Teyssier‘s work on Mobilink is available on his project website.

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