MOBILITY 101: If BBM stops working on your budget Android phone

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Manage Apps - BBM for Android - Force Stop

On some budget Android smartphones, the small value of RAM on the device means that the newly updated BBM 2.0 app stops working: updates and messages stop going or coming through. If this happens, take the following steps:

– Go to Settings in your phone.
– select Manage Apps
– select BBM
– tap the Force Stop button
– you can go back and launch BBM again, and it should work now

This works on the SOLO S350 with 512MB of RAM. Let me know if it works on your device.

PS: the problem is that you may need to do this as many times as it stops working. Sigh!

  1. Well BBM sucks even on deviced with higher RAM values.

    A better solution? Ditch BBM on Android…until they do a better memory job on this app..

  2. I already did.
    Had to downgrade just a step back.
    The last upgrade before version was the smoothest bbm on my droid.

  3. Mine is version 2.28 and it keeps saying “there is no wifi connection, even when I have a full data bundle

  4. My bbm is,and it keeps saying I shuld move to a better coverage area or connect to wi fi.I did ol Dt bt it didn’t work plx u hv 2 do smtyn

  5. Am waiting it has been giving mie Dt 4 almost a wk nw ,am waiting,oops move to a better coverage area or try connect to wi fi

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