Mobility Blog in search of someone with the Midas Touch

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Midas touch is in need of someone who is good at the business end of things – business development and income generation, clients liaison, and related activities – to take up partnership in this venture. The ability to work without supervision is absolutely required, so the partner must have a strong entrepreneurial streak. Male or female; it doesn’t matter. Mister Mo generates content and traffic. The partner turns them into cash. Sounds like a winning combination.

Are you looking for a long-term prospect as a co-entrepreneur? Can you turn metal to gold? Do you have any experience at that sort of thing? Does being a part of excite you? If your answer to all of those questions is a yes, please mail your profile and CV to, and let’s explore the future of together.

Perhaps you are the Partner that Mister Mobility needs.

  1. Hmmm….sounds like my present job. And a majority of my past jobs before now.

    much Work, very little Play and you get to embrace the consequences, the good or the really screwed up….alone.

    Thanks Mr. Mo but I’ll pass.

  2. Couple of ideas for income generation, you may also want to use adsense to fill unsold ad inventory for those slow days, and from this info, looks like over 40 percent of your traffic is from outside the country, you can also look to monetize some of the content via affiliate stuff that may fit your audience,, amazon offers a good affiliate program and there are other great ones out there as well. You could also allow guest blogging for a fee from up and coming bloggers. There are so much more ways to monetize as well but those i mentioned are the easiest and fastest to implement.

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