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Dear Mobilista,

There are problems that come with success. Mobility blog has consistently witnessed ever increasing traffic since its inception in 2008. You, our readers, have made us stand out in more ways than one. Many of you read only, a few also comment, and some also email from time to time to encourage us. You, our readers, keep pointing your friends and colleagues here. You made us the top technology blog in Nigeria, West Africa, and on the African continent. You know what that resulted in? High server loads. We discussed with our webhost and they told us that we needed to move to a more powerful platform in order to be able to handle the kind of traffic that the blog is hitting. It was a problem, but it was a problem that came with success. We have you to thank for giving us this kind of trouble. It is our prayer that your paths will be laced with this kind of trouble too. May you increase so much and so regularly that you are constantly needing to enlarge and expand.

This weekend, Mobility finally moved to our new Cloud Server (VPS). Don’t worry about the technicalities. Simply put, we are on a more powerful and more robust service now. That means you can look forward to improved loading speeds and stability on our website once this process is completed. It has been a long time coming, and we are excited to be ready to take on more traffic. You can send as many more people as you want our way now.

DNS propagation is still in progress though and you might experience brief downtimes. Please bear with us. We will also migrate from MOBILITY.COM.NG to the easier MOBILITY.NG in the next few days. Both domains will continue to be active and load the blog though. But if you experience any issues during this period, kindly assist us by notifying us via Twitter, Facebook, email or a comment.

Thanking You

We have always believed in rewarding our readers. We have given away free smartphones and accessories in the past. We also get you those amazing low prices for your desired smartphones and tablets in our Deal Of The Week offers. Expect more from us. We love to appreciate you in many practical ways, because at the end of the day, it is you who make us shine the way we do.

Our appreciation also goes to our partners and clients too. Thank you for choosing Mobility. We assure you that this ride gets better and better.

And to our webhost, who worked with us through this process, you rock. Thanks.

I remain yours,

Mister Mobility of Life!

PS: We have successfully switched our primary domain to MOBILITY.NG. It is shorter and easier. Of course, still works. Thanks. This is MOBILITY Blog Reloaded: Dasall!

  1. Congrats on the upgrade. I’ve had an issue with your RSS feed for a while now. I read mobility from feedly most of the time and images do not load. I wonder If this was as a result of the slower hosting platform, in. Which case it. should be fixed now,but I thought I should bring. It to your attention nonetheless.
    Keep up the good work!.

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