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For years, Mobility blog has offered mobile subscribers a platform to express their grievances with the various mobile network operators in Nigeria. Today, we officially launch our Consumers Complaint (CC) channel as a dedicated effort.

The mobility blog CC is purely reports and complaints sent in by mobile subscribers and users across the country who are having unresolved or lingering issues with their network service providers, or consumers seeking redress.

Last night, we published the first article sent in by a user who experienced days of BlackBerry service disruption on GloMobile, without any apologies or compensation.

How It Works
You mail us a detailed account of your complaint. The more detailed and the clearer your story is, the better the chances that it will get published. But there are other conditions too.

1. You must have contacted your service provider about the issue at least once
2. You must include your mobile number attached to the service that you have a complaint about (this will not be published)
3. Mail your complaint to: mobility AT
4. If you have pictures related to the complaint, do include them as attachments in your mail

Mobility blog is unable to resolve your issues with your network providers, but we do know that every single one of them have representatives that read this blog regularly, so your issues will get their attention. Beyond that, there are other stakeholders in the industry who frequent this blog, and hopefully we can get some traction towards getting better customer service from mobile operators.


  1. Good initiative again by MN. I really think this would go a long way in reiterating our desire for better QOS from the various network operators.

  2. Nice one. You also forgot to mention that this is a therapeutic service also, offering the stress relief which comes from talking about ones problems.

  3. Thanks MN for the opportunity. I hope this will make our service providers to sit up and also benefit consumers who will eventually get value for their money.

  4. Good initiative by MB (Mobility Blog).

    I use this opportunity to report that- Etisalat data service has improved tremendously in my area (Egbeda, Lagos). The signals are no longer flip_flopping like PHCN!

    I have being using Etisalat for about these Weeks now, and I am quite happy. I would say it is better than Glo (which i have been using for a long time)

    (I suppose the Complaints Channel can also be used to give praise when it is due..- like when a complaint is resolved .)

  5. “(I suppose the Complaints Channel can also be used to give praise when it is due..- like when a complaint is resolved .)”

    I agree. That’s why when any network problems are resolved I always make sure I mention the name of the person who helped – a little encouragement goes a long way.

  6. Funny enough, after the MTN debacle, it crossed my mind that there should be somewhere that people can let out their frustration about complaints to their network.

    This is a good initiative, but it goes to show that existing channels (e.g. Consumer Protection Council, NCC) are nearly not as effective nor influential as Mobility; the fact that network staff and those involved in the industry respond to posts on the site means Mobility must be doing something right.

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