Not quite long ago, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for the sum of $1.1b. To digress a bit, I am not sure why anyone would buy a

Mobility eats the Apple for $500b

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Not quite long ago, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for the sum of $1.1b. To digress a bit, I am not sure why anyone would buy a tumbler for $1m, much less $1b. I mean, a glass cup?! Is it laced with diamonds and pearls? Anyway, a few hours ago, I also read of Google buying Wave for $1bn. What’s it with $1bn acquisitions these days? Google’s rumoured take-over of WhatsApp was for – wait for it – yes; $1bn. Smell a conspiracy? $1bn everywhere you turn. Anyway, the whole throwing around of such huge amounts of money sort of got to me, and I tweeted the following:

Someone replied with: “Nokia?”

Hilarious; right? Right. The idea of Mobility buying a Nokia might sound hilarious. However, do remember that 10 years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of Google buying Motorola. We all would have laughed at the thought. One day…. it might not be Nokia. It might not even be an entity that exists now…. but one day in the not too far future, Mobility will be throwing some cool cash around too.

Seeing as I am not a big fan of Apple, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take them out of the equation. “Mobility acquires Apple Corporation for $500b.” How about this more dramatic one: “Mobility eats the big Apple for $500bn!” Awesome headline! We would rebrand the iPhone as mPhone. iOS as mOS. iPad as mPad. And our world would be called the mUniverse!

A guy can dream; right? Of course; he can. But this no idle dream. Mark my words. And don’t let my dream bother you. You should be dreaming too – and as big as possible. Now, I shall go back to playing with my mobile toys.


  1. No 10 years ago it wasn’t far fetched to imagine Motorola being bought out by Google or anyone else. Yahoo buying Google out even then wasn’t so far fetched.
    Big buying smaller isn’t new, big buying big is. No one could have imagined anything like the Microsoft Nokia partnership, or Facebook floating on the stock market. In the current economic climate,no one can predict where the takeover will be next

  2. I am excited about the purchase of waze by google though. As anyone here tried that waze app or read about it? Its a crowd sourced navi. More accurate than any other navi info. Its just like our giditraffic made into an app.

    I hope the purchase goes through and the app is made available across the regions in play store.

  3. Dreams do come true. Even if big ones like Mobility buying Apple are far-fetched for now, a modern phone branded Mobilista is realistic. If alien TECNO and Infinix brands can make in-roads in our accommodating market as is happening now, a home-grown Mobilista phone from the HOUSE OF MO can make it too.
    Capital intensive? Not to worry.
    All Mr. Mo needs first is the right vision based on a bold idea; design a unique trendy and futuristic brand identity for Mobilista hardware, create a unique Mobilista user experience software to be built on your preferred OS platform, invite wealthy Nigerian investors to buy into the Mobilista phone concept, get a local tech manufacturer to make parts or assemble the Mobilista phone and then do guerrilla marketing with cheaper-than-TECNO pricing strategy.
    Mr. Mo, don’t worry about the capital now; just dream up the idea and believe it is possible. And God willing, a Mobilista phone dream can come true. The time to start is now. And don’t forget to pay my consultation fee.

  4. I’m dreaming, he’s dreaming, she’s dreaming….we’re all dreaming! So when are we going to wake up?

    Who said anything about sleeping? See how people fail JAMB. LOL.

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