Hello beautiful readers. Have you heard of a mobile application called Suba? Most people would like to call it an Instagram for events. Well, I

Mobility Ghana interviews Eric Hackman, co-founder of Suba mobile app

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Hello beautiful readers. Have you heard of a mobile application called Suba? Most people would like to call it an Instagram for events. Well, I was able to meet up with one of the founders of Suba in the person of Mr Eric Hackman. I had a few questions for him and even got a video of him going through the application just so you get a clear picture of how the app works. Who better to do that than a founder?

Suba Eric Hackman

—Interview Begins—–

Suba is a web and mobile app that allows event participants to share photos in one central photo stream. At first sight, this doesn’t seem like the most innovative of ideas, as there are plenty of photo sharing platforms out there. But your slogan is “Changing the way we share event photos”. In what way does Suba change photo sharing?

Eric: Suba is unique in that it allows individual and group users to see and share photos in one central photo stream using the event or location as the connector going beyond the constraints of a ‘Friends List’ on other social platforms.

Some platforms require you to memorize a hashtag. Others algorithmically determine what shows up in your feed, making it possible to miss photos even if you’ve double-opted in to seeing posts. With Suba, the only thing you have to do to get access is show up.

How and why did you develop the idea to found Suba?

Eric: We came up with the idea after attending a friend’s wedding. Everyone was taking pictures all around, and they realized they would never have a chance to see most of the photos, especially those taken by guests we weren’t already connected to on social media. And so the idea for a single event stream where everyone at the event could see and share photos with each other was born. The stream is critical to our concept. The very name Suba is a riff on the the word “nsuba”, which is the word for “stream” in Twi, a local language of Ghana.

Suba claims to offer a special photo viewing experience and social action within the images. What does that mean?

Eric: Suba believes that the stream (scrolling horizontally) is a superior experience to the feed (scrolling vertically) that is common to virtually every other social platform. This is because the stream is a better reflection of the way we experience life itself – as a rapid sequence, evocative of a roll of film, swiftly flowing by.

Where other social networks focus on freezing a moment in time, Suba delights in bringing moments to life. Suba does this with its “Doodle” feature, which allows friends to scribble, mark up, and otherwise add a personal touch to the memory.

Can only big event organisers use the app, or could I also use it for a smaller private party?

Eric: Suba is not just for big events. It is truly a tool for saving shared memories, a digital photo album so it’s perfect sharing photos among friends at smaller events, travel and group activities.

You have said that people are often surprised that an app like Suba comes from Ghana. Why do you think that this surprises people?

Eric: For those outside of Africa, the image of the continent is quite harrowing. The usual narrative of Africa in the media is limited to stories of war, poverty, disease, and suffering. The idea that there are actually smart educated guys coming up with global ideas is in contrast to many people’s notion of Africa. But we are here and there are more of us. MEST is proof of that.

On the flip side, there are people in Africa who believe that only true innovation comes from outside. They can’t imagine that a globally viable idea such as Suba can come from Africa. After first being surprised, most Africans, especially in Ghana are proud of the fact that Suba’s creators are African.

You and Nelson Klutse co-developed Ghana’s first Constitution app before, which has been downloaded over 150,000 times. What is this app about?

Eric: We’ve been working on technology products together for many years. One of the first apps we built was the first ever Ghana Constitution app in the Google Play store, which has been downloaded over 150,000 times.

—End of Interview—–

Like I said, I got a video just for your viewing pleasure. In this video, Eric Hackman demonstrates how Suba works. Check out the walk-through video below:

I personally think suba is a beautiful application and you should download it and use it,I have used it as a matter of fact,I am one big fan of suba,you can join my album on suba by searching for me “Maryam Bukar”. Join me and enjoy the suba experience. The application is now available for Android, iOS, and web. The app is free.

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