In January 2014, 75.6% mobile of’s traffic was from mobile devices (feature phones, smartphones and tablets). Table of Contents show 1 Mobile Platforms 2 State of the Mobile Web Report – January 2014

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In January 2014, 75.6% mobile of’s traffic was from mobile devices (feature phones, smartphones and tablets).

Mobile Platforms

A breakdown of the different mobile platforms used in accessing this site is as follows:

  • Android – 26.20%
  • BlackBerry – 25%
  • Symbian – 8.4%
  • S40 – 4.6%
  • iOS – 2.4%
  • Android tablets – 2.0%
  • Windows Phone – 1.2%
  • Feature phones – 7.4%
  • iPad – 0.6%

From the above phone OS distribution, we see that the single most used smartphone in accessing is BlackBerry, as Android OS is made up of several different manufacturers.

Top 5 Manufacturers

Here is how the manufacturers rank in terms of users accessing with their devices:

  • BlackBerry – 47%
  • Nokia – 24.1%
  • Samsung – 8.7%
  • HTC – 6.5%
  • Apple – 4.2%

Display Resolutions

69% of mobile devices that accessed MOBILITY in that period had a screen resolution of 320×504 pixels and below. Devices with 1024×768 resolution displays and larger made up just 17%.

Top 5 Countries

  • Nigeria – 55.60%
  • UK – 18%
  • India – 7.6%
  • US – 4%
  • Indonesia – 2.4%

Do not forget that this report is gleaned from traffic only, though we will not be surprised if aspects of it reflects mobile usage patterns in Nigeria in general.


  1. Very poor job Mr. Mo. Your platform analysis shows that Android has 26.2% or 28.2% if tablets are include, BlackBerry 25% and Symbian 8.4%, S40 4.6%, Windows Phone 1.2% and feature phones 7.4 and the total percentage represented for mobiles only 77.8%. If we assume that all the feature phone were from Nokia and also all the Windows Phone and Symbian phone were from Nokia too, that will mean like 21.6% from Nokia.

    In the manufacturers breakdown, BlackBerry suddenly jumped to 47% while Nokia appreciated slightly to 24.1% which may be considered reasonable given that the total leverage also increased from 77.8% from platform analysis to 9.3% in manufacturers breakdown while Android that was on top dropped less than 15.2% represented by Samsung with 8.7% and HTC with 6.5% (please note that some of Samsung phones could belong to feature phones and maybe some of HTC phone to could belong to feature phones and Windows Phone)

    What doesn’t make sense at all is how BlackBerry will jump up to like twice their share from platform while Android dropped instead while both Nokia and Apple appreciated in value. I will understand if BlackBerry still has the highest percentage among manufacturers but increasing in value from platform just doesn’t add up at all because the platforms should still be represented fairly well through the manufacturers.

    You maybe need to redo your analysis but this particular one is simply very wrong and mathematically incorrect.

  2. Harry,

    Any discrepancies you see in the report are from the analytics software/service. We didn’t do any calculations. This is not an analysis. We published the statistics as is. Cheers.

  3. OK. From my own evaluation, that software or service cannot be relied upon as its figures contradict each other.

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