Mobility Nigeria 2009 Phone Awards

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2009 is racing to an end. We thought it would be a good idea to conduct a user-centred phone award. That means you, the users, get to vote for the phones that you have used this year and consider top-notch. You will also tell us what exactly it is that you like about the phones you pick.

need-a-smartphoneThere are two categories:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Non-smartphones

You are welcome to nominate three devices only for each category, listing them in the order of your preference. Please submit your nominations using the comments box below.

We will then collate the nominations and announce the top devices in each category.

If you have questions, please ask.

Don’t forget:

  1. list the maximum of three phones under each category
  2. list them in the order of preference
  3. tell us the outstanding qualities of each phone you list

Nominations are now officially open and will close on Wednesday 30th of December 2009. Results will be presented within a week of that date.


  1. MY TOP 3 PHONES IN 2009

    Smart phones:
    1. Nokia E71 >>> I like this device coz of its steel body, the design plus all d other features and functionalities such as A-gps,wifi etc.
    2. Nokia 5800 >>> This one get me hooked for its simple design and d fact that it came loaded with all d features found on d Nokia E71.
    3. Nokia 5320 >>> This is a great 3G phone. Its only drawback for me is its small screen size.

    1. Nokia 1208 >>> I like it cos it has a torch light on its ‘head’. This comes handy for me when nepa strikes
    2. Samsung J700
    3. Nokia 3510 >>> Its has astonishing audio output.

  2. Smart Phones
    Nokia E71 – Its an all rounder. the 3g speeds, GPS, qwerty key board, wifi and email capabilities are a big plus for me. Another big plus is being able to pimp it via ovi.

    Dumb Phones
    I honestly haven’t tried any since the early days of GSM 2003/04 (mine was one faithful Motorola like that with an enormous antenna. its always sticking out of ones shirt pocket!)

  3. The nominations for this awards are too few for us to make any pronouncements. As such, we are putting aside the awards for this year. Hopefully, we’ll get better participation next year.

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