Nokia Developers Day hit day 2 today. The event is focused on helping developers fine-tune their skills with J2ME, Qt and the S40 platform. The

Mobility Nigeria team hosted to lunch at Nokia West Africa

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Nokia Developers Day hit day 2 today. The event is focused on helping developers fine-tune their skills with J2ME, Qt and the S40 platform. The training programme is free of charge to participants, and it was over-subscribed so early that Nokia had to close registration early.

The Mobility Nigeria team was invited to a lunch over at the offices of Nokia on Victoria Island, Lagos. Dayo Olutunfese and I were able to honour the invitation and we had an extremely swell time chatting with a number of Nokia execs, as well as the invited trainer, Tony Torp, who is an independent trainer and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland.

nokia group
L-R: Teemu (Nokia), Yomi (Mobility Nigeria), Tony (Guest Lecturer), Osagie (Nokia), Praveen (Nokia)

Of course, we had lunch and then chatted with some of the developers who are making a success of their works through Nokia’s Ovi Store.

Akinwale Ariwodola has three apps already published. One of them, an IRC app, has been purchased and downloaded in over 60 countries around the world.

Olaseni odebiyi is the gentleman behind the WAEC past questions app. He is also working on a JAMB past questions app.

Both of them had interesting stories to tell. We will be bringing you more details of their works.

Nokia E6 Prototype
There was a Nokia E6 prototype in the house, and we were given hands-on time with it. Indeed, Symbian Anna is something to look forward to. it is smooth, sleek, and fast. Usability is much better than obtains on the current Symbian3 OS.

The E6 (announced just 3 days ago) itself is a cute and highly functional candybar QWERTY with a touchscreen. Even for a prototype copy, Dayo and I were highly impressed. Of course, we were not allowed to take pictures of the device, so sorry.

But… the good people at Nokia have promised to get a review unit across to us as soon as possible.

Developer Support
Nokia says that they are operating a continous developer support programme and that subsequent events are in the pipeline. In addition, developer registration on the Ovi Store is now free, to encourage more developers push out their products.

We will be bringing you further details of the event – including a photo gallery, so stick around.

PS – I forgot to mention that Dayo and I finally got to meet Spacyzuma, a regular here at Mobility Nigeria. The previous day, Dayo had also met Etimbuk Bassey, one of our contributing writers.


  1. Good one!

    I hope the IT departmens of our tertiary institutions are reflecting the changes in global software trends accordingly. – in their curricula..

  2. with all these supports from nokia, its key that we (NIGERIAN developers) plug in early and start making apps that will suit our local needs.

  3. At the end of the training, a raffle draw was held and an N8 was presented to the winner.

  4. This is a laudable move by Nokia. But is it not coming a little too late? Sorry to keep saying this, but if symbian is going to be phased out, why all these developers’ forum etc?

    I have grown to love and cherish nokia but what i see now is nothing but contradictions. You are phasing out a product, yet you are still encouraging developers for this same product. I would have thought the nokia windows phone 7 would get more attention at this time with encouragement for its apps.

    Why encourage people to board a ship that you already plan to sink?

    Maybe my anger with nokia on their plan to ground symbian is affecting my judgement or i am probably missing something. Can anyone enlighten me?

  5. Please tell me symbian is going to continue side by side with windows phone 7 and i’ll be the happiest person on earth. But honestly, i don’t see that happening. Not with the plan to lay off so many people in the R & D and still many more worldwide.

  6. deoladoctor,

    I have deliberately refrained from commenting on the future of Symbian as much as possible for personal reasons. However, permit me to state here that I do not quite believe the hype of Symbian is “dead” or “dying”.

    What Symbian is becoming is so sleek and good – and there are so many fans – that Nokia is likely to just keep pushing it along, and eventually end up with a dual platform smartphone strategy. I have handled Symbian Anna on an E6, and it simply re-inforced my position that Symbian is going nowhere in a hurry.

    Here I am telling you that Symbian is going to continue side by side with Windows phone 7 for a long, long time. Where’s the party holding?

    PS: This is strictly my personal opinion. I don’t have any inside scoop or anything of the sort.

  7. With the progress of Nokia’s commitment to Nigeria, I can’t help but join the bandwagon. Whenever I think of Nokia, I have a nostalgic feeling that thrills me. Nokia has been there for us all along, and there is no other option but for Nigerians to support it.

    i still have the opinion that Nokia producing Windows phone isn’t a bad idea. But i just wish that it wouldn’t be restricted to only the windows phone platform. What happened to the proverb of not putting all your eggs in one basket? I hope Nokia does not totally jettison Symbian,. Symbian is a beautiful OS. The only thing missing from it is a suave User interface. And Nokia is finally correcting it! So why not keep pushing Symbian side by side with Windows phone? Anything short of that should be foolhardy!

    I share in the opinion of the ever great Deoladoctor. And Yomi!

  8. It’s sad missing this conference. I hope to be around in the next iteration. By the way, I would love to see Spacyzuma’s pic in MN. If it isn’t too much to ask.

  9. Impressive and its a thing of joy to be on this indigenous site.

    I see Symbian living longer than we expect.

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