Mobility Round-up: Summary of Q3 2015 reports of major mobile companies

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Many tech companies released their Q4 earnings report in the past week. Below is a brief summary of the major companies.

Mobility-Q3 reports (2)


Apple made $51.5 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in profit starting from July to September .The iPhone sold 48 million units, the iPad ,9.8 million units, and the Mac 5.7 million units. The “Other” category (covering Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats hardware, iPods, and accessories) reported $3.04 billion in revenue, and increase from $2.6 billion in the prior quarter.



After seven quarters of consecutive decline, Samsung declared some profits. It made $6.42 billion in Q3 2015 which was an increase from last year’s $3.6 billion. The mobile division recorded $2.1 billion in profit, and increase from $1.54 billion this time last year.

Samsung claims that the profits was achieved from a significant increased in sales of Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy A, and Galaxy J phones. They also cut the price cut of its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6+ in a bid to convert people from iPhones.

Other major of profits where driven by the semiconductor and display panel segments.


LG reported losses this last quarter, selling just 14.1 million units, a 3 percent decline from same period last year. Read the full report HERE.


Sony shipped just 6.7 million smartphones in the quarter compared to 9.9 million same time last year. Mobile communications division reported sales of US$ 2,327 million, 15.2% down compared to the same quarter the previous year. Revenues were boosted by sales of PlayStation and images sensors.

So it still seems, Apple is the most profitable business yet.


  1. Sony is not doing bad. And Samsung does impress. Only God knows when another phone maker will overtake Apple. By the way, what of Nokia by Microsoft

  2. lol, until they get their IP ducks in a row, Xiaomi will steer clear of the EU & NA, they can’t afford to take the hits Samsung took on IP infringements

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