Mobility Towers – Ambitious one-stop place for the upwardly mobile

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Lagos Nigeria: The MOBILITY team has announced an ambitious plan to set up a one-stop centre for the upwardly mobile in Lagos. The centre, to be called MOBILITY Towers, will include the following facilities:

MOBILITY Offices: Office facilities from which MOBILITY blog will be run by the best hands in the industry,
Support Centre: Mobile users experiencing problems with their phones can come in and have them fixed. Services will include both software and hardware,
Museum of Mobile: Have you ever longed to see what an Ericsson R320 looked like? Or a Nokia 9210 Communicator? Or Palm Treo 700P? MOBILITY’s museum of mobile will be the place to go,
Karaoke Bar: If you love to sing and perform, or just watch others do it, this is for you and will be open 7 days a week,
Dance Hall: Walk in and dance anytime from 4pm to 8pm daily, Monday through Sunday. Drinks will be available too,
Wi-Fi hotspot: Visitors and users will have access to a hotspot for their internet needs while within and around MOBILITY Towers.

Mister Mobility

Describing the project, founder of MOBILITY blog, Yomi Adegboye AKA Mister Mobility, said:

“I have nursed this dream for years, and now I am convinced that the time is right to pull it off. MOBILITY Towers will not be a place for geeks and techies, but a place for the upwardly mobile to spend good time, whether it is for leisure or to get help with their devices and services. The MOBILITY team will be partnering with a number of key players in the industry to make this happen. We are very excited about the coming months as we work towards making this a reality. We welcome as many partners to join us on this exciting adventure.”

MOBILITY Towers will be the first of its kind on these shores. When open, MOBILITY will transit from just blogging to providing a full experience of mobile services and lifestyle to savvy individuals in the Lagos metropolis. More details will be unveiled here on MOBILITY blog as the execution progresses.


  1. Congratulations on Mobility Towers. Dreams do come true. Next dream: a Mobilista Smartphone. Bring it on!

  2. That museum… Please book 20 tickets for the opening day. Our students from the AJIC will learn a lot from seen the history of tech in 3D!

  3. Wow, I am so not upwardly mobile! I wonder if Mobility Towers would let the likes of me through the front door?

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