Mobility will be at the Tecno P3 launch in Lagos

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Tecno P3

Tecno’s assault on African mobile markets continues unabated as we countdown towards the official launch of the new P3 in Lagos tomorrow. The Tecno P3 is a 3.5-inch display Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread smartphone powered by an 800 MHz dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. It has a 3 megapixel camera and is 3G-enabled.

The Mobility team will be at the product launch and public unveiling here in Lagos tomorrow and will bring you live updates and a detailed post. The unveiling the P3 will be “in conjunction with our partners, the telecommunication giant Etisalat, and the world leader in next-gen mobile technologies that accelerate wireless life Qualcomm”, says Tecno’s invite.

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  1. These Tecno People are certainly upsetting the Apple cart (as well as Nokia Cart)!

  2. yet another rehash of the n3 which was a rehash of the T1…and oh, that was a rehash of the T3 was it? 800mhz dual core ok, 512mb ram u say, i’ll have to see that in my hands to believe it, they lied right @ my face on the pack of my n3. 256mb my big toe….

    more d3-like devices n I’ll take you seriously beloved tecno

  3. Please ehn,

    Kindly them that the era of 512mb has passed sha..

    Thank you.

  4. On their tecno n3,the three capacitative home keys were’nt lighting,so I find it difficult to use at night,I hope P3 is not like that?

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