I thought it would be nice to share. Or to brag. However it comes out is okay. The summary is that MobilityArena.com’s traffic has tripled

MobilityArena.com’s traffic has tripled in one year

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I thought it would be nice to share. Or to brag. However it comes out is okay.

The summary is that MobilityArena.com’s traffic has tripled in one year. I remember the team sitting down last year and setting a new target to improve MobilityArena.com’s traffic. One year later, we looked at the traffic statistics. Triple. It is a fantastic achievement and we are very proud of ourselves.

MobilityArena.com's traffic has tripled in one year

A Few Highlights From The Last one Year

  1. We did it without any huge investment coming in (we took some small loans). It was mostly bootstrapping.
  2. We did it with just three MobilityArena.com team members – two writers and one digital media analyst. Last year, we lost some writers and then we decided to go it with just the two of us left. Surprise! We got more done.
  3. My team members are the best. The very best. Argue all you like, but if these two people working with me made this happen with the limited resources available, they have no rivals in the blogging world.
  4. The growth has been mostly organic. We spent only N20,000 on ads – a Facebook ad campaign.

Did we learn anything in the last one year? Tons! It was a year of learning, as much as it was a year of growth. We know better. We grew our skills. We have a better grasp of certain things now than we had this time last year.


Besides the MobilityArena.com team members, how can one not appreciate our esteemed members, users, readers, clients and partners? MobilityArena.com rocks because you all rock. Thank you all.

What Next?

*gazes into crystal ball*

I see…. I see…… I see…. I see explosive growth. MobilityArena.com’s traffic is going to blow some more. We are not going to rest on our oars. Tech blogging has always been a niche and so tech blogs have not been known to be able to compete with the more mainstream blogs. We are changing that. By virtue of the growth in traffic in the last one year, MobilityArena.com already ranks among the top blogs by traffic in Nigeria. Very soon, we will boast traffic that exceeds what some of the top gossip, news, and entertainment blogs have.

I also see tons of money following us everywhere we go. Who doesn’t want tons of that stuff? Please…..

In closing, let me repeat myself. Forgive me, but we consider it a breathtaking achievement for us. So, allow me repeat it again: MobilityArena.com’s traffic has tripled in one year. I just felt like sharing. Or bragging.


  1. I have just seen some highlights on your performance last year, first i will like to congratulate you for the good work you guys are doing. secondly i will like to confirm with you that success in blogging doesn’t matter on how much investment you have made but how smart is your team and how dedicated are they to their work. Keep it up i know it is just the beginning believe you have a lot more to achieve.

  2. This is a laudable achievement.

    Unless one blogs just for the fun / passion of it, though, traffic is just that, traffic, unless their are workable mechanism for the big bucks to roll in, a la the Linda Ikeji’s.

    Like knowledge only being potential power, traffic on a blog is only potential wealth, and needs that something extra more to put us on the Forbes List. 😉

    Wishing Mobility Blog that magic that will precipitate commensurate financial success relative to the effort put in.. over all these years

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