Here is MobilityArena’s OUKITEL K6000 Plus giveaway winner

Posted by Mister Mobility

It has been an interesting month here at MobilityArena. August was another giveaway month, and now, we are ready with the name of our OUKITEL K6000 Plus Giveaway winner.

We have run several giveaways on over the years. This is the first time that we are using a system that rewards pure hard work (no luck factor), and I must say that it has been very interesting.

From those who started from the beginning but relaxed till the final week when they woke up to attempt to make up for lost time, to those who were depending on pure luck and divine favour, when the rules were clear that the giveaway was based on a reward system, to the few “smart” persons who tried to game the system. Then there were those who do not follow the rules and have been active without being registered.

There are many factors that influence success and failure. There is also a wide range of human behaviour and responses. Looking through the data from our ongoing giveaway is revealing.

Finally, the giveaway has ended and it is time to announce the name of the person who walks home with the OUKITEL K6000 Plus smartphone. He worked hard from the beginning of the campaign and stayed consistent. And he garnered far more MobilityPoints than anyone else in the game (I have more then he has, but then I don’t qualify). So who is our OUKITEL K6000 Plus giveaway winner?

*Drum roll*

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Giveaway Winner

It is my great pleasure to announce that Araoye Gbadebo is the winner of this giveaway. Congratulations. You played this game well and you deserve to win. Here was how Araiye scored against the nearest contenders***:

  1. Araoye Gbadebo: 1,233
  2. Deji: 544
  3. Kaylese Emele: 491
  4. Suleiman: 303
  5. Nwachukwu Augustina: 283

***we have excluded MobilityArena team members from this chart.

Araoye will receive an email from us formally congratulating him on his win and communicating details of how to pick up his package from us. Congratulations to Araoye.


  1. Wow! Thank God I won!! Thank you, thank you so very much, Mobility Arena, God bless your entire company. I’m so delighted and I’m so grateful to you, Mister Mo and the rest of the crew. Yesssssssss!

  2. Congratulations @Araoye. The gap between you and the next contender is huge!!! Keep up the good work

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