In January 2010, we began a tradition of reviewing this site’s traffic statistics. In December 2009, we had recorded 9,610 unique visitors and 16,874 page trippled site traffic in 2010

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In January 2010, we began a tradition of reviewing this site’s traffic statistics.

In December 2009, we had recorded 9,610 unique visitors and 16,874 page views. We stepped up from there in January 2010 and have continued our strong growth trend.

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Month Unique Visits PageViews
January 2010 10, 098 17, 195
February 2010 13, 141 21, 920
March 2010 15, 199 28, 192
April 2010 15, 814 28, 359
May 2010 15, 158 28, 940
June 2010 16, 019 29, 187
July 2010 17, 988 33, 552
August 2010 19, 502 34, 796
September 2010 22, 666 43, 191
October 2010 27, 194 52, 200
November 2010 31, 652 60, 822
December 2010 31, 588 56, 728

In other words, we essentially trippled the growth of this site between December 2009 and December 2010.


You may see many sites state that they generate so-and-so hits on their site monthly. Hits are not a valid measure of site traffic. For example, every image on a page generates an individual hit. All a site needs to do to generate a huge hit count is put lots of tiny images on each page. Every button, icon and animation is a hit.

As such, a site with low visits and pageviews may score rather large hit counts.

Everyone who knows anything about site traffic knows that hits are not a reliable way to measure website traffic.

That’s why we are not mentioning hits.

Alexa Rankings?

We love Alexa. We have a current Alexa ranking of 42, 940. But we must add too that Alexa is not a reliable way to measure website traffic.

You see, Alexa rankings are generated only from web users who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

  1. Most people do not have that toolbar installed
  2. The toolbar is supported only on Firefox and Internet Explorer, so millions of people using other desktop browsers cannot even install it
  3. The toolbar is not available for mobile browsers. That means that the millions of people using the mobile web are left out of that ranking too.

It is the reason that we are not so keen on using Alexa as a metric for our site traffic. We have used standard, accepted metrics (unique visitors and pageviews) from well accepted sources – Google Analytics and AddFreeStats.

Our Projections for 2011

2011 will be an exciting year here at, and we project that we will easilly cross the monthly 150,000 unique visitors and 300,000 pageviews. Actually, we are agreed that these projections are conservative, but then we prefer to overshoot the mark and brag later 😉

Advertisers and Sponsors

We will be delighted to provide copies of our statistics from both Google Analytics and AddFreeStats, as both are easilly verifiable.

We thank those who supported us in the previous year via adverts and review devices. We are getting better and better. Let’s do it again this year!

If you’re interested in advertising with us, sponsoring some of our articles or mobile events across the country, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. Go Ahead. Brag! you have earned the rights!

    After all, if you do not blow your own trumpet, who is gonna do it for you?

    CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done!

    Keep on keeping on…

  2. When there is focus, and drive fueled by passion, growth is innevitable.

    You can count on it. MobilityNigeria understands the trend and do not compromise quality. If those are some of the quality that characterize your business and brand, you’ve got a right choice in mobilityNigeria.

    MobileTechnology handling and customers interaction with it, NigeriaWise, no body does it better.

  3. Great job. Congratulations. We will do business with you this year. Our Federal govt funded workshop that comes in July 2011 will need your help:

    This is perhaps a workshop that will train many govt workers on Microelectronics. We are thrilled that Federal govt choose us to do this.

    We will appreciate your exposure in ad buys. As we introduce the first device to track ECG via Ovim Tablet,in Nigeria, we think we will do well.

    Ovim Health – Remote Monitoring of Heart Disease Patients in Nigeria

  4. This is impressive, wishing you all the best in 2011 and we will continue to support Mobility in our own little ways.

  5. thanks yomi, I am also learning all these web jargons.
    Pls cna Fasmicro tell me where their office is located in kaduna?

  6. ISn’t this lovely? GREAT!

    Mobility Nigeria is here to stay. The best tech Website there is in Nigeria. If Mobility Nigeria has started earlier then by now, they would have rivaled the likes of Engadget and PCworld!
    What I love about MN is that your are objective, honest to a fault and with impeccable and valuable considerations. If MN says it, so it is. Kudos Yomi and co and all MN users!!

    @Fasmicro. I love what you are doing. You make all of us proud here in MN. I am however very interested in your Ovim tablet in relation to your medical Records software and your ECG tracker on the tablet. It would delightful if you could visit Delta State and demonstrate the importance of your devices in relation to its Medical capabilities to a forum of doctors.

    Cheers everyone.

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