Okay, okay, we are sort of copying Opera here. So what’s wrong with imitating a good thing? Anyway, we just thought it would be fun

MobilityNigeria State of the Mobile Web Report – April 2010

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Okay, okay, we are sort of copying Opera here. So what’s wrong with imitating a good thing?

Anyway, we just thought it would be fun to provide a report of mobile web traffic on MobilityNigeria.com. Below is the report for April 2010.

mn april
April Traffic Report


  • 31% of MobilityNigeria’s traffic is from mobile devices
  • 355 devices on 299 networks from around the world
  • 61.5% – regular numberpad phones
  • 17.4% – QWERTY devices
  • 15.6% – touchscreen devices
  • 20.8% – smartphones


  • 61.8% – Nokia phones
  • 9.6% – Sony Ericsson
  • 5.5% – Samsung
  • 4.2% – Apple

Top 5 PhonesNokia-3110 classic

  • Nokia 3110 Classic 6.7%
  • Nokia 5800 4.8%
  • Nokia E63 4.5%
  • Nokia N70 3.5%
  • Nokia 5130 Classic 3.3%

Top Networks
A total of 299 networks are used to access MobilityNigeria.com

  • 43.3% – MTN Nigeria
  • 10.3% – Etisalat Nigeria
  • 10.3% – Zain Nigeria
  • 2.9% – GloMobile Nigeria

Top Countries

  • Nigeria – 66.9%
  • India – 6.3%
  • USA – 3.5%
  • UK – 1.8%

Well, that’s it – a snapshot of mobile traffic for April 2010 for Nigeria’s number one mobility site. A few things to chew on:

– mobile web traffic is not driven by any of the new top-end smartphones or new mobile OSes
– low-end devices rule
– Nokia rules
– Symbian rules
– MTN rules (and Glo is surprisingly left in the dust)
– for all the hype about touchscreens (and even QWERTY keyboards), regular keypad devices rule
– more QWERTY devices than touchscreens make the list

Don’t forget, this is all MobilityNigeria.com traffic only, but then the above may present some fair indicators about mobile web traffic in Nigeria in general.


  1. Top countries India 6.3%? thats surprising. I thought US, UK or South Africa would come after Nigeria giving our population in these countries.

    Quite revealing, this statistic.

  2. We were a bit surprised too, especially concerning traffic from South Africa. Of course, the top Indian network for the month was Airtel.

  3. i guess why mtn carried the day is this free browsing thing. zain and etisalat has 100mb/30day and glo has been more or less expensive. well thats the beauty of stat

  4. Glo will overtake the others when their glo1 cable comes live, but we don’t know when, if anyone knows should please let us know, because we expect cheaper rates then.

  5. You did not say anything about Starcomms network. I browse with the Starcomms data plan. You also did not mention the breakdown for the remaining 69% that is not mobile! All in all, good stats.

  6. Afewgoodmen,

    Mobile traffic from Starcomms is negligible, because for the most part mobile browsing on the Starcomms network is limited to a handful of smartphones. It falls under the ‘others’ category.

    This report is limited to mobile traffic in line with MobilityNigeria’s core focus – true mobility. In this case, that translates to the mobile web – web browsing ON mobile devices.

  7. Inasmuch as I want to agree with you, I still beg to differ. Computers still browse your site. In fact I do most of my browsing experience of MN on my laptop. Anything bad if I request you add computer or laptop data plan Statistics to your analysis. The odd but significant 69%?

  8. afewgoodmen, nothing bad o, except that this report is specifically ‘State of the Mobile Web’ report. That means its focus is mobile web usage and nothing else.

    This report is about mobile web traffic on MobilityNigeria.com, not general traffic. We would love to oblige you with your request that we include laptop/desktop usage, but then that would defeat the purpose of the report. What you are asking for is like askng Opera to include Opera Desktop statistics in their State of the Mobile Web report.

  9. This article is undisputably a very good first! But I would still love to see the ratio of browser usage. I bet if you do that, internet explorer should come first. What d’you think?

  10. @yom. I agree with you. But perhaps you can write another article to cater for the rest points. I’m like Oliver Twist. No vex.

  11. who says a 14.1″ or 12.1″ laptop is not mobile? i don’t agree on your defintion of “true mobility” . these days you can’t catch me browsing on a phone.

  12. who says a 14.1″ or 12.1″ laptop is not mobile?

    To be sure, I just checked the discussions so far; No one has said so.

    i don’t agree on your defintion of “true mobility”

    Who said you have to? Simply state the points why you disagree.

    A few things I am interested in. Do you take your 12.1″ laptop along to social events? How long does its battery last when unplugged from the wall and connected to the internet? Is it always on and always online? Is it always on your person?

    Note that regardless of your answers to those questions, you still don’t have to agree with me. But at least other readers will get to see the picture clearly.


  13. your report did not capture browser type. i think that will be very useful.

  14. Opera Mini users account for only 7% of MN mobile traffic. Bolt users are so minimal that they don’t register. They would come under the “others” category.

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