MobilityNigeria State of the Mobile Web Report – April 2010

Okay, okay, we are sort of copying Opera here. So what’s wrong with imitating a good thing?

Anyway, we just thought it would be fun to provide a report of mobile web traffic on Below is the report for April 2010.

April Traffic Report



Top 5 Phones

Top Networks
A total of 299 networks are used to access

Top Countries

Well, that’s it – a snapshot of mobile traffic for April 2010 for Nigeria’s number one mobility site. A few things to chew on:

– mobile web traffic is not driven by any of the new top-end smartphones or new mobile OSes
– low-end devices rule
– Nokia rules
– Symbian rules
– MTN rules (and Glo is surprisingly left in the dust)
– for all the hype about touchscreens (and even QWERTY keyboards), regular keypad devices rule
– more QWERTY devices than touchscreens make the list

Don’t forget, this is all traffic only, but then the above may present some fair indicators about mobile web traffic in Nigeria in general.


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