Overview 23% mobile of MobilityNigeria’s traffic in January 2011 was from mobile devices 426 devices on 425 networks from 110 countries accessed Mobility Nigeria in

MobilityNigeria State of the Mobile Web Report – January 2011

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  • 23% mobile of MobilityNigeria’s traffic in January 2011 was from mobile devices
  • 426 devices on 425 networks from 110 countries accessed Mobility Nigeria in January 2011
  • 44.6% of devices are wi-fi enabled
  • 5.9% of devices accessed MobilityNigeria on wifi
  • 24.8% were QWERTY phones
  • 22.0% had touchscreens
  • 36.9% are smartphones

Top 5 Phones

blackberry 9700 bold sim free1Blackberry 9700 Bold topples the Nokia 5800 from the top spot! Another Blackberry smartphone features in the top 5 list, making this list an all Nokia and Blackberry affair.

  1. Blackberry 9700 – 3.8%
  2. Nokia 5130 Classic – 3.6%
  3. Nokia E63/Nokia 5800 – 2.8% each
  4. Nokia 3110 Classic – 2.7%
  5. Blackberry 8520 – 2.5%

Top 5 Brands

  1. Nokia – 47.7%
  2. BlackBerry – 13.2%
  3. Apple – 8.3%
  4. Sony Ericsson – 4.6%
  5. Samsung – 4.2%

Top 5 Operating Systems

  1. Symbian – 27.3%
  2. Series 40 – 21.1%
  3. BlackBerry – 13.2%
  4. iOS – 8.3%
  5. Android OS – 2.4%

Top 5 Networks

  1. MTN Nigeria – 32.1%
  2. Etisalat Nigeria – 18.8%Glo Nigeria – 8.4%
  3. KPN Netherlands – 4.1%
  4. Airtel Nigeria – 3.9%

Top 5 Countries

  1. Nigeria – 63.9%
  2. USA – 6.2%
  3. Netherlands 4.3%
  4. Canada – 4.3%
  5. UK – 3.5%
  6. India – 2.6%

Don’t forget, this is all MobilityNigeria.com traffic only, though available industry statistics indicate that this is fairly representative of mobile web traffic for the country as a whole.


  1. this report does not reflect devices used to access mobilitynigeria.devices that appear as unknowns.Yomi pls respond?

  2. i felt the unknowns,if quantified could add to the fact that more devices accessed the most authentic mobile forum from nigeria

  3. Actually, the “unknowns” are included in the total figures, but do not reflect in the specific breakdowns where individual devices are identified.


  4. when u use operamini5 for symbian, it comes as unknow……when u use d java version for opera5, it is noted as browsing on a j2me device…does all this count?

  5. No real surprise here. This is the blackberry era, so Bold 2 taking the top position is to be expected.

    What I find interesting is the fact that nokia s40 phones are making the top 5 spot. One would have expected only smartphones to occupy this arena since this site is dedicated more to review of smartphones than any other phones. Or am I starting another arguement here?

  6. Deoladoctor,

    No arguments there. Fact is, smartphones are a minority in the mobile market. Feature phone usage far outstrip smartphone usage.

    I personally will be putting more efforts into reviewing value-for-money non-smartphones here on Mobility Nigeria. You know, those budget phones that give users some of the advanced functionality found on smartphones.

    For this reason, Mobility Nigeria will continue to showcase smartphones, but we are giving more focus to the range of devices that the average man on the street will find affordable.

  7. @Yomi

    It would not be nice if I forget. to say a big thank you for all the efforts you put into this particular presentation and into this site in general.

    Thanks. And please keep the flag flying.

    We appreciate your work.

  8. Yomi i i had wanted to suggest this earlier..So many feature phones are there for review to or even mid-range cheap smartphones…Shouldnt be the high end all the time..Another thing, i think this new system of going to page two before commentin is kinda cumbersome. It was much easier and straight forward than this..Most of use opera/uc browser and d likes so the length of d page didnt matter…

  9. Shayman,


    On the issue of breaking the pages into two when they exceed a certain size, we recently had a case of a user who couldn’t get Opera Mini to work on her phone. The built-in browser was pretty limited and never could handle the size of pages. She was completely cut off from accessing Mobility Nigeria.

    There may be others like that – and we want to ensure that we are accessible to everyone.

    Truth is, more people use those basic, China-made devices than the sleek, turbo-charged devices the rest of us are comfortable with. Its our opinion that its a bad idea to ignore that demography.

    Its a significant challenge. We will keep reviewing this to find an optimal solution.

  10. Shayman,

    To further buttress my last comment, our records show a segment of “unidentifiable mobile OS” making up 17.8% of the total, right below Symbian OS (27.2% at number 1) and S40 (21.4% at number 2). See the “Top 5 Operating Systems” section. We usually don’t include this “unidentifiable” class in our reports because we are looking at specifics.

    These unidentifiable devices often feature the most basic of browsers that can handle only small-sized pages. If we don’t cater to them, we are looking at 17.8% traffic that bounces immediately because the browser simply fails or gives an error message right after beginning to load our webpages.

    You will agree with me that it is not wise to ignore that 17.8% (3rd largest OS segment) traffic. It is more traffic than we get from any of BlackBerry devices (13.2%), iOS devices (8.3%), and Android devices (2.4%).

  11. Good point Yomi. It is good to put those individuals (17.8%) into considerations.

    When browsing with my mobile device, I usually enable the desktop format instead of the mobile format of MobiltyNigeria. In that way I do not get interrupted with the two page stuff.

    Users who do not necessarily like the two page format and yet have a capable mobile device or Smartphone with an excellent browser should enable desktop mode instead of the mobile mode of MobilityNigeria. Problem Solved!!

  12. aite yomi…i get you
    now..point well made..they are very important and cant just be overlooked like u said..
    @afewgoodmen, thanks 4 that tip..i will do just that..

  13. Top 5 Networks
    With the free 15mb per week, I see etisalat catching up with mtn in the months to come.
    Glo better buckle up, My last suscription to always micro was a waste.

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