New this month: This month’s report includes mobile OS traffic! Find out how Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and other mobile operating systems stand. Overview 21%

MobilityNigeria State of the Mobile Web Report – June 2010

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New this month: This month’s report includes mobile OS traffic! Find out how Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and other mobile operating systems stand.


  • 21% of MobilityNigeria’s traffic in June 2010 was from mobile devices
  • 308 devices on 327 networks from 98 countries around the world
  • 43.2% of devices are wi-fi enabled
  • 8.9% – Wi-fi usage
  • 23.0% – QWERTY devices
  • 23.1% – touchscreen devices
  • 24.9% – smartphones

Top 5 Brands

  1. 58.9% – Nokia phones
  2. 6.4% – Sony Ericsson
  3. 6.4% – Apple
  4. 5.9% – Blackberry
  5. 4.4 – Samsung

Top 5 Phones

  1. Nokia 5800 – 7.1%
  2. Nokia E63 – 4.8%
  3. Nokia 3110 Classic – 4.2%
  4. Nokia N900 – 3.5%
  5. Nokia 5320 – 3.3%

Operating Systems [NEW]
This is a new section and we are convinced that many readers will be interested in fuller details. As such, we are going beyond the top 5 spots so that you can all see where your favourite OS lies.

From subsequent reports, we will stick with the standard Top 5 slots. For now, enjoy the full list!

  1. Symbian – 27.8%
  2. Series 40 – 21.3%
  3. iOS – 6.4%
  4. BlackBerry – 5.9%
  5. Maemo – 3.5%
  6. Windows Mobile – 2.8%
  7. Android – 0.7%
  8. Bada – 0.2%
  9. Palm – <0.1%
  10. WebOS – <0.1%
  11. Unknown/Unidentifiable – 31.1%

Top 5 Networks
A total of 327 networks are used to access

  1. 25.4% – Etisalat Nigeria
  2. 15.7% – Zain Nigeria
  3. 11.6% – MTN Nigeria
  4. 4.5% – GloMobile Nigeria
  5. 2.2% – Airtel India

Top 5 Countries

  1. Nigeria – 58.1%
  2. India – 7.1%
  3. USA – 6.2%
  4. UK – 2.2%
  5. Canada – 1.4%

A few things to chew on:
– mobile web traffic on the site dropped a bit from the previous month’s figures
– Apple is back in the top brands chart. Samsung makes a debut.
– The UK is back in the top countries chart
– Nokia still rules the top phones chart 100% but with a new champion taking a chunky 7.1% of mobile traffic- the 5800. The ex-champion, the Nokia 3110 Classic, is now in 3rd place.

Don’t forget, this is all traffic only, but then these statistics may present some fair indicators about mobile web traffic in Nigeria in general.


  1. I love that the iphone is back on the chart. I probably should use my phone all the time to browse to maintain this stats!

    Interesting that Etisalat should beat MTN in the list. Perhaps their Blackberry smartphone promo and data charges did the magic!

  2. Goodnew…..i known etisalat will top the list because of the free browsing and etisalat promo etc. What is happening to mtn?

  3. @Afewgoodmen

    If you’ve been using your iphone to browse, perhaps the ratings would have been different. I used the moto q (winmo) most me the time and it still could not kick. I might be the only one using winmo on this site for all i know. From now on, i’ll try using my 5800 and etisalat.

    Am not surprised to see etisalat on top. So far, its been easier and smoother to browse with it than with any other network from my end here.

  4. After 16 months of use, i am just begining to enjoy smooth browsing experience on my nokia 5800. Thanks to etisalat. I don’t know of other people’s experiences, but MTN is a lousy network and zain has hiccups, while glo never browses here at my end.

  5. deoladoctor,

    You are not the only WinMo user. Our logs show other WinMo devices from Samsung and LG.

    How Etisalat is the top network here is a surprise, but hey, facts are facts.

  6. Afewgoodmen,

    Thought you would be interested in knowing that the iOS share is made up of visits from iPod Touches (8.0%), iPhone 2G/3G (26.0%), iPhone 3GS (22.3%), iPhone 4 (3.4%), and iPads (40.3%). Clearly, MobilityNigeria is on the cutting edge 😀

  7. @Yomi. I was delighted with that information. Nice to know that i am not alone. You have Lovely site Yomi, that caters for all the needs of the mobile community in Nigeria and away. Please do keep it up!

  8. Afewgoodmen,

    Thanks! But were would MobilityNigeria be without you and other users (including the silent ones)?

    Glad to have everyone here.

  9. Am hardly suprised that etisalat is ahead of others for the month of june.I shuttled between Delta state FCT & Kaduna state in the month of June & with the exception of fct where mtn was equally superb etisalat stood out & was simply the best.I hope they keep it up.As for Zain their service to say the very least was the worst.Its only in Abuja that their service is alife.

  10. If I were to rate the quality of service of mobile internet on the different GSM mobile networks, it would be as follows:

    1. Glo HSI
    2. Etisalat (hampered somewhat by limited coverage)
    3. MTN
    4. Zain Mobile Internet (really epileptic)

  11. If i were to rate the internet connectivity of the GSM networks from this side of the country(i.e. Sapele), it would go thus:

    1. Etisalat
    2. MTN
    3. Zain
    4. Glo

  12. I’m pretty scared that some much details can be gleaned off visitors. What ever happened to annoymous browsing?

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