Mobility Nigeria transits from national to global brand

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This morning, we are glad to announce the completion of our transition from a national brand to a global brand. As such, we will be dropping the “Nigeria” in our name and simply be called “Mobility” from now. Say goodbye to Mobility Nigeria.

Our URL,, remind valid and you can still reach this site with it, but we have a new home at

Months ago, we began this transition, and we are delighted at the progress that we have made till date. Because we are based here in Lagos, Nigeria, you can be sure that we will continue to carry Nigeria-specific content. But as a truly global brand, we will now also carry content from a wide diversity of countries.

Mobility Nigeria

You know the way we roll – we get better and better. Tell your friends and colleagues: Mobility Nigeria is history. At Mobility, we cover all things mobile!


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  1. Congratulaions Yomi and all mobility team. It will be the beginning of. Greater achievement

  2. Big up just like Joshua in The Bible after capturing much land at his old age was told that much land still remains to be captured, Rest not much more heights still to be attained lies ahead.

  3. This transition worldwide has been long overdue. I’m delighted that you are going the right directions.

    Going Global is really Okay!

  4. Good news!

    Congratulations to the now mobility team. We are still here with you.Global content is long overdue and highly welcomed.

    By the way, I was unable to view full articles from the mobile site this morning, I have to switch to desktop site to view full article.

  5. What a great transformation as this make the domain name short and easy to remember. Particularly as the domain now sound global. Congratulations, Mr mobility.

  6. u guys can go global without still loosing your nigerian name. we got a whole lot of business that maintain their countries name yet run international services, example persian forum. to going global is a good development but loosing the nigeria name is a way to also loosing interest in nigeria. it’s just a matter of time.

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