You already read MobilityArena; Get MobilityPoints for more benefits

We are always thinking of fun ways to reward you, our loyal readers. We thought to ourselves, “You already read and comment anyway; why not get something out of it?” From now, each time you visit MobilityArena logged in, you accumulate MobilityPoints for reading our posts, posting comments, and also for referring your friends. And by generating a minimum of 2,000 points each quarter (every three months), you get a 10% smartphone discount.

You already read and comment on MobilityArena anyway; why not get something out of it?

There Are Two Ways You Can Benefit

  1. The first person to accumulate 10,000 points each year gets a mid-range smartphone from us, delivered free anywhere in the world.
  2. Also, each member that is able to generate 2,000 points per quarter (every three months) can purchase any smartphone at a 10% discount from the market retail price through us. This deal is limited to one smartphone per user per quarter.

There are six activities that generate you points. They are:

  1. Register: 10 points (new registrations only)
  2. Daily Login: 2 points
  3. Create a Forum topic: 5 points
  4. Reply to a Forum topic: 5 points
  5. Read a post: 1 point
  6. Post a comment: 5 points
  7. Participate in a poll: 2 points
  8. Submit a post: 25 points

How To View Your MobilityPoints

You can view your accumulated MobilityPoints when you login to the Forum. It is displayed at the top of every Forum page after signing in.

Register and Login Daily To Generate MobilityPoints

You have to be registered and logged in each time you visit in order to accumulate points. So, if you are not already registered, do register and login.

Then keep doing what you have always enjoyed doing – reading our articles and posting comments on a daily basis. Do not forget to refer your friends and get even more MobilityPoints!


  1. Mr mo,my mobility points have remain static for sometime now. Stopping at 80. Please do investigate.

  2. Hello OLADUNNI,

    Thank you for raising this. I took a look at the system. There was a glitch that affected everyone. It has been fixed now and you should accumulate points as you participate on the site.

    Our apologies to everyone.

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