We are glad to announce the launch of our very first mobile application, MobiNigeria. The app is a widget available for Symbian smartphones and can be downloaded…

MobiNigeria for Symbian now available

We are glad to announce the launch of our very first mobile application, MobiNigeria. The app is a widget available for Symbian smartphones and can be downloaded from the Ovi Store.


Regular readers of Nigeria’s number one mobile site who own Symbian smartphones can now keep up to date with mobile news, reviews and information without the need for a web browser.


We value your feedback, so do let us know what you think of the app after running it on your smartphone. Click on the banner below to download your free copy of the MobiNigeria application.

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PS: You can also download the application by launching the Ovi Store application on your phone and searching for “MobiNigeria“.

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Founder of MobilityArena. Yomi's journey in mobile started in 2001. Besides obsessing over mobile phones, he also started creating WAP sites (early mobile-friendly websites created with WML). He began writing about phones in 2004 and has been at it since then. He has owned over 200 devices, from Symbian, Palm, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/BB10, webOS, Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu Touch, to Android, iOS, and KaiOS operating systems.

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  1. This is a laudable achievement. Please go ahead and make us in Nigeria proud. God Bless you!

    Something else to add. Perhaps beg for. Please just try to make it available in other pltforms. Like um …in the form of JAva games/apps. or better, launch it on the Apple iphone application store.

  2. @ Yomi. I’m sorry for talking out of the topic of discourse. But you recently posted an article titled; “The iPhone reminds me of Paris Hilton” and you then conveniently disabled posting of comments. I have a gripe with this article and would love to say so. For one, the article is too lopsided!

  3. Has anyone downloaded this application ? I have failed at several attempts at downloading the application.

  4. Waoh! This is great. More grease to your elbows guys. This is a great app. Just downloaded it on my nokia 5800 and its working like magic.

    It gives you the choice of staying at the blogs or going to the forum giving you the topics and write ups but not including the comments or our posts. This you can get by clicking on ‘See original story’ which takes you via your browser to the mobilitynigeria mobile site.

    I downloaded the app, which is actually a widget of about 215kb by going to ovi store application on my phone and searching for the mobinigeria app.

    One more thing, the app topics would need constant upgrading/refreshing cos I noticed that the last post/topic on the mobilitynigeria site as at now, is not in the widget.

    Thanks for bringing this superb app to our phones.

  5. Nice effort. Afewgoodmen, since it is a java app, I suppose you should be able to use it on your java-only phone. But downloading an iphone-optimised app from the Ovi Store? Surely you were speaking…er..I mean writing tongue-in-cheek?!

  6. quite commendable effort!
    i just drool over well made software, the way Yomi is techo- lusty for awesome handheld devices!
    this is landmark achievement. pls keep innovating….

  7. @Igho. i meant if the iphone version of the app could created for the itunes apps store for download. And who says the app is a java app?

  8. @Afewgoodmen, it IS a Java app:there is the usual “allow application to use network to send and receive data” handholding. My n73 application manager also classifies it as Java.

  9. oooohhhh….. another reason to believe this country will rise amongst nations.. its a humble beginging… but we will get there .. and its all starting with the young generation.. in music, movies, literature and now mobile technology…. God is our strength guys.

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