Mobitel launched their 4G broadband service in Nigeria in October 2010. The service provider claims that speeds start at 1MB and can potentially hit 100Mbps

Mobitel offers internet access from 1Mbps

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Mobitel launched their 4G broadband service in Nigeria in October 2010. The service provider claims that speeds start at 1MB and can potentially hit 100Mbps for Homes and Offices.

This is a bold claim, and if true, Nigerians now have access to true broadband internet service at very affordable prices. First consider that all Mobitel service plans have an unlimited Data Cap. Then take a look at the available devices and plans:

Mobitel 4G Access Lite

AccessLite img
This is a USB dongle designed for the individual nomadic user always on the go between home, office and other locations.

Price: N4,990 – Monthly Subscription of N10,000 (1Mbps); N15,000 (2Mbps)

Mobitel 4G Access Aura

This is a portable mobile device that connects multiple users with WiFi enabled devices. It is perfect for office situations where workers are equipped with Wi-fi-enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Price: N14,990 – Monthly Subscription of N15,000 (2Mbps); N30,000 (3Mbps)

Mobitel 4G Access Premium

AccessPremium img
This plan has two options. The first is a slim self-standing access device with two data ports, two voice ports and WiFi – perfect for use within the entire home or for small offices. The other has only 1 data and voice ports.

Price starting from N7,990 – Monthly Subscription of N10,000 (1Mbps) ; N15,000 (2Mbps); N30,000 (3Mbps)

There is also a solution for enterprise/corporate users.

Coverage is currently limited to Lagos.

Groundbreaking Service
The above speeds at the prices being offered are certainly groundbreaking here in Nigeria. I will be getting my hands on one of the above devices this week and will give the Mobitel service a spin. You can expect my review, of course.

Are you using one already? What has your experience been? What are your thoughts? Do share!

In the meantime, should you want more information, visit the Mobitel Nigeria website.

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  1. Will they reach Abuja or Port Harcourt? It angers me that Lagos has to be the centre of all telecommunication innovations.

  2. A good one, if you ask me. Just that I guess it would be restricted to Lagos as always. I wish they could spread around the country!

  3. @afewgoodmen I totally agree with you. That would be great. I would get the access aura gor my upcoming galaxy tab 10.1 wifi, laptop and smartphone. And it being unlimited it would help with expenses(as I recharge mtn night plan sometimes up to 10 times a month because I’m a heavy downloader)

  4. This is truly groundbreaking. Speeds starting from 1Mbps!!. Please Yomi, I am waiting for your review. Past experiences have shown these telcos being far from the truth about such services. If it is true, then that is great. Once its a success story in Lagos, it will in no time move to Abuja and PHC.

  5. Mobitel has fair usage policy. The terms and condition states that home uses have a max download of 10GB and business users have a max download of 20GB. A word is enough for the wise.

  6. Wow, that’s true broadband with great value. Fair usage policy might just be a put off for heavy downloaders like me. Lets hear your review first Yomi.

  7. will they cover the whole of lagos? Or just vi, ikeja n surelere like swift 4G. By the way Yomi i didnt see ur review abt swiftng or swift4G

  8. Ok then, will you do us a favour and say or write somtin abt d swift ntwk a.k.a swift4G

  9. I’d really love to read your review after you must have tried out the mobitel service. 1Mbps? Indeed! I very much doubt this claim. Even Swift 4G that lays claim to something that sounds good is nothing near what they claim to offer. These Nigerian telco companies should just stop taking us all for fools.

  10. Seems like a marketer has started running his mouth again. 1Mbps… Well lets see how it goes

  11. I am currently using SWIFT4G and I am happy with it for now, at least until I find a better package.
    I decided to use SWIFT4G because of the plans available, price, speed and the device itself.
    I am on 6PM-8AM and 24hrs on weekends and public holidays, 6000naira per month, actual downloads speeds max 250kb/s and the device has WiFi,4lan ports, 2phone ports and its light weight and can be carried about and cost 9500naira.

    SWIFT4G data cap for the plan i am on is 10GB per month. I mostly exhaust the 10GB.
    Another thing I will like to mention is that SWIFT kind of adds up the amount in your data account when you pay for a new month before the expiration of the previous one. I.e If I have 2gb left and I pay for a new month before the time expires, my new data for the new month will be 12GB.

    More info on SWIFT4G plans is available here

    Being following up with Mobitel4G from the very first beginning when there services was only in VI now it has spread to other parts of Lagos.

    “The service provider claims that speeds start at 1MB and can potentially hit 100Mbps for Homes and Offices”
    I can not help but doubt this statement from Mobitel. I am seriously interested in seeing what exactly the download speed is when you are downloading a file.
    Starcomms busrted speed is 3.1MB/S and when downloading files it runs up to 300kb/s
    SWIFT 4G busrted speed is 2MB/S and when downloading files it runs up to 250kb/s
    Disclaimer; Pls note that the above is based on my Location (Agege).

    Mobitel unlimited plan is like Blackberry unlimited plans. **Fair Usage Applies** See extract from Policy below. (pls note that the comparison of MOBITEL4G & BB is based on the fact that they both have fair usage policy and not that they have the same data limits)
    “For Home and Office customers, a reasonable consumption would be about 10 GB and 20 GB respectively. Even though Mobitel may periodically offer unlimited download plans, it is expected that this is done within reasonable limits of about 100% excess of the data caps stated above”.

    From above Mobitel will allow Home and Office usage to reach 20GB and 40GB respectively.

    Mobitel4G Devices
    My favorite is the Mobitel 4G Access Aura. Ability to charge and carry it around and connect wirelessly is just perfect.

    My Dislike
    The plans are too rigid, they only have 24hours plans. I have even called their customer care that they really need to introduce more plans if they mean business.

    Nevertheless, I am still interested in seeing the actual download speed for MOBITEL4G when downloading files.

  12. @bosun99uk. Do you get true unlimited downloads on starcomms? I mean can i download data of 50gb or more in a month? How fast are torrent downloads? I ask cause its seems starcomms and visafone are the only networks that provide true unlimited downloads. Please respond.

  13. I am waiting. The speed is not fantastic. Glo presently reaches 3Mbps or more (in 3.5G mode)

  14. I have not used Starcomms to download that much.

    But I have a friend who download to the extent that his service was blocked.

    He went there and they said they wanted to be sure he was the one downloading , his service was later restored.

    When the guy downloads his total speed always sums up to around 300kbs

  15. @Austine

    If I am not mistaking you are saying that when u are downloading with Glo in 3.5G mode it will show 3mbps or you are saying that Glo max speed in 3.5G mode is 3mbps.

    What speed do you get when you are downloading a file?

  16. @bosun. Thanks. So that means all networks have a download limit. Not thier fault, if there were fibe optics available for end users this would not have happend.

  17. When downloading a file, the speed is cot constant, it varies. With glo in 3G or 3.5G mode, the speed typically varies from 1.4Mbps (1mega bits per second = 1000/8 Kilo bytes per second (KB/S)) to 3.5Mbps. In fact I have obtained a burst speed of up to 3.8Mbps particullarly when using a download accelerator.
    Do not confuse KB/s (kilo bytes per second) with kb/s (kilo bits per second). They are not the same. 1byte is equivalent to 8bits.

  18. Starcomms busrted speed is 3.1MB/S and when downloading files it runs up to 300kb/s
    @bosun99uk , starcomms does 300kbs when downloading? Do you use starcomms internet? If yes, which of their packages? Ev-do? 1x ? I started using strcoms 1x in 2005 and migrated to the izap Ev-do in 09. When downloading on the izap I get a maximum of 46kbs download speed which is contrary to your 300kbs. I know others who also complain about getting 45kbs maximum download speed. I really want to know where you got your info from, these providers just come out with attractive packages but are unable to deliver such speed to the last mile (end-user) yet the NCC wouldn’t do anything about the continious rip off.

  19. Austine, tell bosun the actual max speed you ve clocked in KB/sec…simple! I guess thats wat He is interested in knowing…cos with 3Mbs that you claimed glo has that means you ve ever clocked 375KB/secs?

  20. @Austine

    I dont remember comparing
    “Do not confuse KB/s (kilo bytes per second) with kb/s (kilo bits per second). They are not the same. 1byte is equivalent to 8bits.”

    I refer to what u see when downloading a file esp with a download accelerator.

    Curious to see a snapshot of your Glo downloading at such speeds.

  21. Starcomms is unlimited, they only wanted to confirm that the guy was the one doing the downloads.

  22. @Telneting

    Its Ev-Do

    And I said “Starcomms busrted speed is 3.1MB/S and when downloading files it runs up to 300kb/s”

    It runs up to & not it always runs at 300kb/s.

    Another thing we have to consider is Location, I use it around Agege lagos.

    Finally, if u always browse at peak periods you cant get the best speed too, so the timing of browsing also matters.

    In conclusion the highest speed I have seen is 300kb/s

  23. my brother got the mobitel package last week and i decided to try it for 24hrs. its the slim stand alone unit he got for 15k with 10k data plan (min of 1Mbps) per month. while he used it in ejigbo area of lagos, he was getting 120kbps to 200kbps speed downloading on at least 4 different gadgets at same time. this speed only tends to increase to a little above 200kbps when he is downloading on a single unit at a time. i gave it a try in surulere and got speeds about 50 to 70Kbps less than what my brother got. it may interest you that in both cases the wimax connectivity indicator was up on the unit. this is a far cry from the 1Mbps they advertised. However, we have since downloaded more that 10gig of data and its still running. the speed does not seem to slow down or increase over time of day or night.

  24. Our ISPs need close monitoring and they should try and upgrade there hard to act up to its capacity and Claim.

  25. How’s the review coming along? This my visafone modem needs to be moved, touched and caressed all the time just to get signal.

  26. Tadtoad,

    Unfortunately, there will be no review at this time. The guys at Mobitel say that there is no coverage of my location for now… though the coverage map suggests otherwise.

  27. This was using my nokia n900 as modem, mtn. Around 1am

    From what I’ve noticed, using my n900 as modem was more reliable and faster than using the modem provided by MTN.

  28. Crap! I was really waiting for that review 🙁

    Funny thing about the location, because their coverage map seems to have the WHOLE of Lagos covered… even here at berger.

    Maybe I’ll go to their office to see what’s up.

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