One of the great things about Android is the degree of customization available to the users. The Play Store is loaded with tons of apps

Moboplayer: One for the multitasker

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One of the great things about Android is the degree of customization available to the users. The Play Store is loaded with tons of apps to replace the stock or OEM apps. Don’t like the phone dialer app? Replaceable. The gallery app? Replaceable. Or hate the video player? Replaceable too.

One of my favourite apps is Moboplayer, a replacement app for the default video player. The default video player is good and can handle almost any video file out there, but you can’t teach an old dog all the new tricks, which is where Moboplayer comes to the rescue. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came with some new tricks like pop-up play, and the Moboplayer helps older Android devices to keep up with it.

Moboplayer lets you watch a video whilst you are doing something else. You can watch a video on your phone while tweeting, chatting with someone, emailing, or web browsing.



It is an amazing albeit novel feature, but it is something worth having, particularly to show off and make those BlackBerry users hate their phones. You can download Moboplayer from here


  1. Wow! MoboPlayer now supports pop-up play! I used it months ago on my Touchpad, but I’ve been using MX Player for devices for the past 2 months.

  2. MoboPlayer is very good but I prefer MX Player because I think it has a slight edge over Moboplayer and MX Player is particularly more stable on my device too and had higher number of video media format support.

    I also enjoy the direct onscreen volume and brightness control. In fact so many things can be controlled easily directly from the screen, including toggling hardware/software video rendering, video time frame, etc.

  3. Moboplayer also lets one control time skip and volume with swipe gestures. Moboplayer has been hundred percent stable for me. And the coverflow video manager is a perfect eye candy for show-offs like me.

  4. Never used MX but my brief research using Google and searching for ‘Top 5 video players for Android’ showed Mobo as quite an impressive app. Its has never autoclosed/force-shut neither has it been unable to play any video format I throw at it.

  5. mobo player is just like super video, in fact super video was the first app to support pop up play. I have been using super video and mx player. Mx player just works for me, the ability to load subtitle files is just brilliant, another pass mark is the support of .vob files. I just top from DVD straight to phone.

  6. Ok, I’ll try both them. Thanks for the info. I have actually wanted something like this for my tab.

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