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Ikhide R. Ikheloa (popularly called Pa Ikhide) is a blogger, ex-newspaper columnist, social and literary critic. His judgement on modern smartphones as tools for writing? Here:

Do you do extensive writing on your smartphone? Do you agree or disagree with him?


  1. Perhaps Pa Ikhide has not tried out the combo of a Phablet and a wondrous third party keyboard app like SwiftKey… on android.

    But first, a mindshift must happen.

    You love tapping out your characters, get a fairly big (touch) screened device, install SwiftKey, and you are rolling..

    If you wanna give swiping a spin instead, try Google Keyboard or Swype, and your ringtone would change.

    Yes, tapping away, on a touchscreen, is the real Mccoy..

    Even BlackBerry agrees.

  2. I do disagree with him..I have done a lot of typing with my touchscreen smartphone. although it takes a while to get used to but after a while it just feels natural

  3. I’ve not used any physical QWERTY smartphones keyboard for any appreciable length of time but I must say that when I tried typing on a BlackBerry device after already getting used to touchscreen input via swiping, it felt good but i just couldn’t see how I it could make me a better typist on a smartphone.

    I started with tap-typing on a touchscreen smartphone but never got going and I was always going back to the keypad version of software keyboard that’s included on my phone until I discovered gesture input via Touchpal and I never looked back ever since. I’m a whole lot happier with touchscreen keyboard than physical one on modern smartphones.

  4. Last year I needed to upgrade my Nokia E5, I had to settle for a Nokia E6. God knows cost is not an issue for me but I can’t type on a touch screen phone. I have tried, believe me. I have been waiting for a windows qwerty phone for nearly a year now to no avail. The bad news is that this one is slowly packing up. With all these talk about innovation in the mobile industry I wonder why nobody wants to just give this a try.

    All phone look the same now and it’s annoying for some of us.

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