How to stop Monkey Test and Time service Android malware

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There’s this malware common among Android devices. This one is called Monkey Test and Time Service. Once a phone is affected, the aforementioned apps pop up and refuse to close or shut down. The malware auto-installs apps on your device, and this persists even after rebooting or doing a factory reset. How do you stop this?


There are two major ways of stopping this Android malware.


  • Flash another ROM or re-flash your stock ROM.

The case is different for different Android devices, so do a research on how to go about that.



This method involves tracking and deleting the malicious app. Before doing this, first you need to be rooted. The procedure and app (s) needed for rooting might differ for each Android device. It’s best you do some research on the proper way to root your Android.

Here’s what to do:

  • These are the troublesome apks to delete: cameraupdate.apk, providerCertificate.apk, providerdown.apk and themeManags.apk
  • Find them in any of these system folders: /system/apps, data/app, vendor/operator/app, system/priv-app, system/preloadapp
  • Use an app like Link2SD to delete the apps. Also read How to Uninstall Bloatware.

Another way of removing this malware:

  • Get a similar phone as yours (without the malware).
  • Install custom recovery on both devices ( See tutorial HERE.)
  • Run backup on the healthy phone, this will be saved in the memory card.
  • Restore the backup on the affected phone.


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