More Android users are switching to the Apple iPhone than vice versa. Really?

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According to PhoneArena, a recent quarterly survey of 500 smartphone buyers conducted over a full year showed that more Android users are switching to the Apple iPhone than vice versa. While the survey is US-based and so skewed towards US realities, and while I am for anything that dilutes the stranglehold that Android has on the global smartphone market, I doubt that these results translate to Android losing market share to iOS in the grand picture. The US smartphone market is no longer the prime determiner of global trends that it once was. The new determiners are China and emerging markets. And there is no way in heaven or hell that Android is losing users to iOS in those markets.

Taking into cognisance the local focus of surveys and trends is important in getting an accurate picture of the situation. For example, despite the huge noise about smartphones taking over the world, that is far from the reality on ground in many countries. In most regions, feature phones still rule unchallenged. Taking the trends in the US and attempting to run on them in Nigeria, India or South Africa will amount to an exercise in futility. So, if there is any truth to Android losing users to iOS in the US, it certainly is not true in most other places and Android continues to choke the smartphone market.

Also interestingly, the survey results indicate that the average Apple iPhone user is wealthier and more educated than the average Samsung user, and also that iPhone owners tend to be younger than Samsung users. Well….


  1. It’s the same kind of surveys that are always released prior to an iPhone launch, I never take such seriously.

  2. Of course, the veracity / mendacity of this claim must be predicated on where the sample was taken.

    Most probably, this non_news is as inconsequential as impressing the sanctity of life on a Boko Haramite.

  3. There’s another angle to the survey. Apart from the fact that the sample size is rather too small for any professional and yes, practical analysis, you may really expect that more Samsung/Android phones users will be switching to Apple’s iPhone because of the huge gap in their market shares.

    If Android has 80% global smartphone market share and iPhone has say 20% and say 20% of users are dissatisfied on either side of the competing platforms and switching to the other platform, you will find that about three times the number of iPhone users coming over to Android is what you have going over to iPhone and that wouldn’t be much surprise but the problem is in the sample size used and where those samples were picked from and also how much unbiased the entire process on collecting the sample is.

  4. Surveys like this really tick me off, the only people that take these surveys seriously are fanboys. The sample data is just 5000 people (which could be as a result of repeat voting) from a website, I would only take this kind of survey seriously if it came from an operator or a collection of operators.

  5. @martinkem:

    It is not 5000 o! The correct number is 500. 5000 would have been a lot more respectful as a sample size, even though it is still relatively small.

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