These days we are more ‘spec-consious’ of the gadgets we buy. Before now, we didn’t really care to note the raw specs of our gadgets.

More Cores or More RAM, which is more important?

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These days we are more ‘spec-consious’ of the gadgets we buy. Before now, we didn’t really care to note the raw specs of our gadgets. Things like RAM size, processor cores, clock speed, the GPU etc, were rarely taken into consideration. Before now, once the camera is good, with a large enough internal memory, then maybe with added sleekness, we buy without looking back. These are the things Nokia capitalized on during their hey days. Selling us flagship phones with low RAM , good camera and huge internal memory. Nowadays, manufacturers throw specs to our faces. In phone launch events, you hear terms like, “So so phone comes with so so processor clocked at so so speed, with so so RAM size”. The purpose of this write up is to enlighten us on what processor and RAM means, and how it affects our gadgets performance-wise. This will guide you in making proper choices in the future. Take a seat, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the lecture.

Processor (CPU):
Just as the name implies, It processes all tasks running on your gadget. Any app you run uses some of the processing power, and how resourse-demanding the task is, reflects on how much load it’s going to put on the CPU. Multiple core CPU’s have a greater advantage because your running tasks are divided into different sections of the processor based on the load. This allows things to get done faster. That’s the reason why a quad-core phones will perform faster than a dual-core phone. When you’re doing things such as rendering video, it totally relys on your CPU, (Unless you enabled GPU acceleration in the media player) .

Simply put, RAM is a form of computer memory, that stores all your sessions. Anytime you restart your computer/phone or log off,whatever was saved on the RAM is deleted,unlike in a hard-drive. When you open any application, the system files needed to run that application are stored on your RAM. This implies that, the more applications you have open, the less RAM you have available. If you open too many applications at once, you can run out of RAM and freeze up our computer/phone. Once you restart your computer or end your current session by logging out, everything that was on the RAM is cleared. So we can say that a gadget with 1GB of RAM will multitask better than a device with 512MB of RAM.

So which of these two is more important?
It boils down to what you want for yourself. Do you prefer your apps to run speedily and smoothly? Then go for more cores. Or do you want to run so many apps simultaneously without freeze? Then you need plenty plenty of (Aboki) RAM smile.

There are some things you’ll need to consider or take note of:

  • Some applications need more RAM than others, this is a factor of what you will be doing with your gadget.
  • Your CPU speed will determine how fast your applications will run, and what kind of applications you can run. So you need to take note of the CPU speed too.
  • Know the kind of softwares you’ll be running on your gadget (laptops especially), and also know the minimum amount of system resources it requires to be run smoothly.

With this knowledge, next time you plan to get a new phone, PC or whatever gadget, you can now decide what you want, and filter your search to get something that will suit your needs, if its more cores or more of (Aboki) RAM biggrin

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  1. imo, tis more ram. wiv bigger ram deres less stress on wateva cpu hence, eliminating lag. no matter d number of cores n d ghz if d gadget cums wiv lil ram dats frustration all d way. plus everyone likes awesome multi tasking n meeting app as left. dats y wen asked abt s3 den I always adviced going for d international version wiv 2gb ram n dual core instead on d 1gb quad core version

  2. More Ram Could Actually Be More.Important Than The Multiple Cores In Device Performance..

    No Matter How Many Megawatts Of Electricity Generated, If You Don’t Have Enough Capacity (Bandwidth) Of The Transmission Lines, You Can’t Achieve Your Result.

    Similar Here..

    Ram Is Like That Transmission Line… The Pipe, Or Conduit…

  3. having a fast processor is as important as having more RAM. However this is largely based on the OS. For android devices i think more RAM is more important than the processor speed just as long as it has a multi-core processor that has a speed above 1.2GHz.
    For the end user having more RAM helps as it allows them run more apps without having these apps shut down in the background (which is one of my gripes with Windows Phone, i really hate the resuming thing, which could happen just because the screen timed out).

  4. Here’s some feedback from someone:

  5. Is It Really Cut And Dried Like That?

    If I Do Lots Of Voluminous, Complex Spreadsheet, What Do I Need More.. Ram Or Processing Power..?

  6. Martinkem, I Said Complex Spreadsheet.

    I Have Seen A Spreadsheet Developed By Someone, Full Of Adcanced Macros, That Did Seriously Complex Analyses.

    So, When You Say “Just Spreadsheet”, You Are Likely Seeing Spreadsheets As Being Mostly Non Computation_ Intensive.

    Truth Be Told, You May Need The Crunching Power More….Than The Ram..

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