More powerful SD cards will come with this label

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Ever since the launch of Android Marshmallow 6.0, there has been a huge difference in how SD cards are handled. Adoptable storage forces the memory card to act as the internal storage. App performance then suffers if the card is not up to par. The SD Association plans to differentiate SD cards in specification groups.

SD card

We expect to see two labels henceforth, “A1” or “A1 App Performance”. With this, a buyer can easily tell a regular SD card from a faster, app performance one. SDA President has the following to say:

“With its consumer-friendly symbol, App Performance Class eliminates buyers’ frustration with identifying app-running compatibility on their Android devices and MicroSD memory card. 

“Matching the App Performance Class symbol with your mobile device requirements simplifies the process and continues the SD tradition of matching your memory card to your device.”

I trust my Chinese brothers to start making SD cards with the tags already. They are ever quick on the draw. Do you think these tags will be useful in helping you pick the right memory cards for your devices?


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